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    West Java Provincial Government Promotes Batik Promotion


    BANDUNG- Provincial Government (Pemprov) West Java through the Department of Industry and Trade (Disperindag) West Java will continue to encourage the promotion of batik.

    Secretary of the Region (Sekda) West Java Province, Iwa Karniwa explains the steps undertaken one of them provide training in making techniques, including packaging so that the batik nusantara, especially West Java can be known to foreign countries.

    "We also expand the promotion of this batik so that more familiar to the global market," said Iwa in Graha Manggala Siliwangi Bandung, Wednesday (8/11/2017).

    According to Iwa, various efforts to expand the market need to be optimized again so that the variety of batik embroidery and weaving can be preserved as well as able to create jobs and increase the income of microeconomics engaged in the sector of batik embroidery and weaving.

    "Of course not yet optimal but in the future we will continue to develop because batik and woven model is able to increase people's income, especially those small micro businesses," said Iwa.

    Iwa further added that the activities of Karnival Adhikarya Nusantara 2017 is the last exhibition in this year. He appreciated the activities of the article Maxindo Communication and Krishna is routinely held several events Karnival Adhikarya Nusantara. This activity also involves 70 participants from all over the archipelago including ASEAN countries.

    "I am personally present as a form of appreciation and full support which from all over Indonesia is present here featuring a variety of batik, embroidered and also woven extraordinary.Based on information coming at this exhibition not only from the archipelago but in the scope of ASEAN countries are also present," said Iwa.

    He hopes Karnival Adhikarya Nusantara be routine agenda every year so that the variety of batik embroidery and weaving continues to echo in the middle of society which in the end the government program to preserve and also improve economic empowerment in the sector of batik variety and also this weaving can be achieved well.

    "It is amazing that we are doing a suggestion to continue this event, and gradually we will continue to improve not only the domestic market," Iwa said.

    West Java Regional Secretary also invites the public to visit the event which will take place on 8-12 November 2017 at Graha Manggala Siliwangi Bandung. The reason, in addition to growing love of national batik is also able to encourage the economy of society.

    "It is hoped that the whole community will come here, wearing this batik, wearing embroidery and also weaving this archipelago Besides also beautiful and good clothes indirectly if you want to buy goods then improve the micro and small economy and also simultaneously preserve the culture our ancient times, it's hope to the community, "he concluded. (MAT)

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