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    College Which is Under Tourism Ministry Must Be Standarded International


    BANDUNG-Ministry of Tourism RI (Kemenpar) has six universities namely STP Bandung, STP Bali, Makassar Tourism Polytechnic, Tourism Academy Medan and also Polytechnic of Tourism Lombok and Tourism Polytechnic of Palembang.

    Deputy for Institutional Tourism Ministry of Tourism, Ahman Sya said the six universities are to implement global quality standards so there is no long discussion about the curriculum in the field of tourism.

    "The message of the Minister of Tourism is only one, use a global standard curriculum," Ahman told reporters in Bandung, Monday (6/11/2017)

    He hopes that all tourism graduates are standardized and certified at least Asean level. In addition, lecturers are also required to improve international certification.

    Ministry of Tourism will also focus on tourism destinations to universities to be more developed. For example the declaration of tourism destinations such as Tourism Academy Medan to specialize in geotourism, Palembang on sportourism, Bali on culture of tourism, Makassar in maritime tourism and Lombok directed to Cullinery tourism.

    "For Bandung itself is directed to handle halal tourism," said Ahman

    The existence of specialization of the launch of the college will give birth to the specifications or specialties of each campus. In addition, Ministry of Tourism hopes that all universities become the center of chalenge or agent of change.

    "Currently, we are in cooperation with Australia in the field of culture and tourism," said Ahman.

    Minister of Tourism added that the development of tourism will be meaningful if there is cooperation of all elements in public life, namely pentahelix elements such as academia, business and industry, government, community and mass media.

    "Those elements will bring about the success of tourism and contribute to the welfare of society,"

    The contribution of tourism to national foreign exchange already occupies second rank beating oil and gas and coal.

    "But next year, God willing, will become the largest foreign exchange earner Indonesia. If total tourist reach 15 million then predicted foreign exchange will reach 17,5 billion," he concluded. (MAT

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