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    Gubernur Ngamumule Lembur 6, Aher Blusukan (Visits) Sindur Mountain


    BOGOR REGENCY- In an effort to realize the independence of the village to the golden village, West Java Provincial Government again held the program of Gubernur Ngamumule Lembur (GNL) which in this sixth year in Pabuaran Village, Gunung Sindur Subdistrict, Bogor Regency, was chosen to be the village proclaimed as golden village.

    West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) accompanied by Secretary Bogor Regency, West Java Vice Chief Police and other FKPD elements visit (blusukan) in the village of Pabuaran and several other villages in the District of Sindur mountain bordering directly with the province of Banten.

    "It's an event that invites us to visit or blusukan to the villages. Alhamdulillah we have visit the village on Mount Sindur, Pabuaran and surrounding villages directly adjacent to the province of Banten," said Aher.

    At Pabuaran, Aher met directly with the village chiefs and talked directly with the community. At the same time also review duck farms that have high economic potential to be managed.

    "The economic empowerment of duck that has very strong potential because it is managed in a modern way and involves a lot of people, we have to support it and then there are excellent schools," he said.

    GNL is a program of West Java Provincial Government in advancing rural development. By visiting villages, GNL aims to strengthen rural programs in both village and district regional budget expenditure programs.

    Determination of Pabuaran village became the location of GNL 6 because in addition to having the potential to become an industrial village, the village is also the outermost village directly adjacent to the province of Banten. With heterogeneous villagers in ethnic and religious terms, Pabaruan also became the pilot project of gold village in West Java along with 19 other villages.

    "This pabuaran entered in the category of gold village development and its success will continue to be monitored because if the golden village is successful then in the years ahead the other golden villages we will roll, so slowly but surely build from the edge as the mandate of the nawacita will be achieved," said Aher.

    On the occasion, Aher inaugurated the new village office and the management of Village Owned Enterprises.

    Aher also briefly mentioned the back of the destruction of the provincial roads due to frequent crossing by large trucks carrying stones and sand in the area of Mount Sindur. Whereas West Java provincial government has spent hundreds of billions for the repair of the road. For that Aher invites to all parties, especially mining entrepreneurs to be directly involved in structuring the road.

    "Entrepreneurs have benefit from selling sand and stone here, it's fair if the profits are used in part to build a solid and reliable road, because so far the government continues to build and then entrepreneurs damage it there must be elements of accountability," he said.

    Team leader GNL 6, Afriandi said, in these activities produced important records that must be followed up. Among the determination and confirmation of village boundaries, spatial planning and excavation of village potential, financial administration and population and improvement of health services.

    "There are still many challenges to realize our golden village and the golden urban village can be generated by gold subdistricts built by golden regency and supported also by the golden province," said Afriandi.

    He said that after GNL 6, early December 2017 will be held Jamboree Village (Jade), which is a container to bring all West Java village heads as much as 5312 and West Java head of subdistrict as much as 644 people in Cikarang Bekasi.

    "So this is the first time that was held in connection with the reporting of the Head of Village in the use of Bankeu rural infrastructure from 2014-2017 year directly," he said.

    Inside the jamboree there will be special dialogue activities, competition between head of village, exhibition and cultural art appreciation.

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