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    Bandung Raya Agreed on Legok Nangka Issue


    BANDUNG-The Regents and Mayors of Bandung agreed on how to manage and finance the final dump of Legok Nangka. The agreement was reached after meeting the between Regent and Mayor in Bandung Raya along with West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan at Gedung Sate, Monday afternoon (6/11).

    "There are at least two things that are agreed upon, namely the volume of waste from each District City and the amount of tipping fee" said the Governor after the meeting.

    Aher said the volume of garbage and tipping fee is still not final, because the region still has to recount in detail.

    "If from the calculations we make, based on various elements, the tipping fee is maximum of 386 thousand rupiah multiplied by tonnage multiplied by 365 days, but later if the tender can be cheaper then it means the tipping fee can be smaller than that" he said.

    Legok Nangka will be the first regional final dump in Indonesia with a sophisticated processing system and produce new products from waste that can be utilized. (Even)

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