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    Governor: Equity Capital is Required


    BANDUNG-Based on Local Regulation (Perda) of West Java Province No. 7 Year 2017 on the Amendment to West Java Provincial Regulation No. 22 Year 2013 on the Establishment of State-Owned Enterprises of the International Airport Management and Kertajati Aerocity, the authorized capital is Rp.2.5 trillion with the ownership of the Provincial Government at least 51 percent.

    According to the Governor of West Java, Ahmad Heryawan, the fulfillment of authorized capital that has been paid up by West Java Provincial Government and other shareholders until June 30, 2017 amounting to Rp.808.5 billion consisting of regional government Rp.796 billion and other shareholders Rp.12,5 billion.

    "With the amount of capital that has been deposited, then there is still the remaining basic capital to be met amounting to Rp.1.691.500.000.000," said Governor, during the delivery of 8 regional regulation Draft, in the Plenary Session of West Java Parliament on Monday (06/11).

    The Governor said, to the remaining fulfillment of this authorized capital, it will be carried out regional equity in the form of money and Regional Property in the form of land area of 294.8 hectares with fair value Rp.725.554.593.000.

    "With the capital participation in the form of land, then there is the remaining basic capital that must be fulfilled by the Provincial Government at the maximum amount of Rp.965.945.407.000 which will be fulfilled gradually in accordance with the financial capacity of the region," he said.

    Governor asserted, the projection amount for good equity participation in PT Jabar International Airport (BIJB) and to PT Property Wisata Jabar (Company Regional Company) tailored to the needs and capabilities of the region.

    "Now the discussion adds capital participation, projections in accordance with the needs and capabilities of the region," he said. (Parno)

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