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    Child Abuse Rise Significantly


    BANDUNG-Data collected from  the Indonesian Child Protection Commission (KPAI)mentioned the amount of violence against children in Indonesia has increased significantly.

    KPAI monitoring results shown the increase of child abuses increased significantly starting from 2011 until 2015.

    It thus presented by Unisba Professor, Nandang Sambas in the National Seminar which took place at the Holiday Inn, Bandung, Saturday (23/1).

    According to Nandang, the amount of violence against children in 2011 as many as 2,178 cases, in 2012 as many as 3,512 cases, in 2013 as many as 4,311 cases, in 2014 as many as 5,066 cases and in 2015 until the month of April, there were 6,006 cases.

    In West Java itself, areas with a high numbers of violence were in Sumedang district, Cirebon, Bandung Regency and Purwakarta.

    "Violence recorded 91 percent occurred in the family environment, 87.6 percent occurred in the school environment and as much as 17.9 percent occurred in the community," Nandang said.

    In the positive law has regulated the child legal protection, including Law No. 35 of 2014 on the Child Protection.

    In line with the positive law, it also be given special protection to children those experiencing in violence.

    For children who are victims of violence, will be given safeguards through restitution compensation as well as efforts to restore both physical and psychological health.

    The protection given including to children in emergency situations, children in conflict with the law, children in isolated groups, child victims of drug and pornography victims, children with disabilities, child victims of neglect, and children with deviant behaviour.

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