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    Indonesian restaurant must be able to penetrate to other countries


    BANDUNG - In line with the growth of the tourism sector, the need for labor increases. This is an opportunity to work in tourism.

    "We see the development of many foreign restaurants scattered throughout the mall in Indonesia, so I want the future of Indonesian restaurants can penetrate overseas," said Minister of Administrative Reform and Bureaucratic Reform (Menpan-RB) Asman Abnur told reporters in Bandung, Monday (11/6/2017)

    According to Asman, there are some things that need to be considered in order to be able to compete with foreign workers, namely foreign language skills, especially English.

    Communication is the key to success in doing the job because the tourism sector has much to do with international tourists or international partners.

    "So the ability to speak good English is a necessity, many of our workforce can not compete because of English language that is weak," he explained.

    Secondly, a work ethic where foreign workers perform better, such as tenacious, strong, disciplined and performing well because it is preferred by companies.

    Third, managerial skills such as leaders who coordinate, organize, motivate, influence others and negotiate into needs in the labor market.

    Fourth, the ability to quickly adapt. In general, companies need people who can quickly adapt because the company requires a workforce that has a fast and good performance.

    Fifth, the desire to always learn. Employees have to increase the ability by learning. Employees who have a desire to learn high will be greatly appreciated by the company.

    Sixth, creativity and innovation. The company also needs creative and innovative employees by creating new breakthroughs that aim to increase customer satisfaction.

    Seventh, companies need employees who have integrity. In the tourism industry known as Hospitality Industries that require people with integrity

    Asman added, the field of tourism also requires employees who have a high sensitivity to customers and the work environment. The tourism industry also needs employees who are able to quickly see what customers need.

    "They are polite, honest, friendly and ethical employees that cause tourists to come back to the tourist sites," his (MAT)

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