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    Motivation of Farmers, HKTI Will Hold 'Gratitude of Harvest' in Indramayu


    BANDUNG-West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) received a visit from the Chairman of the Indonesian Farmers Harmony Association (HKTI) Moeldoko, in the Governor Room of West Java, Gedung Sate Bandung, Monday (06/11/17).

    Governor Ahmad Heryawan said his meeting with the HKTI Chairman is related to the implementation of "Gratitude of Harvest" in Indramayu, West Java, which is planned to be held on Sunday-3rd this month. This activity will also begin with the first harvest in the agricultural area of Sukra Sub-district, Indramayu.

    Aher added, HKTI initiated 'thanksgiving' activities, held to motivate other farmers who partially failed crops this season.

    "There will be a big harvest celebration celebrated in the form of thanksgiving, bringing in a large number of farmers, initiated by HKTI in cooperation with Agriculture Ministry, West Java Provincial Government, and Indramayu Regency," explained Governor Ahmad Heryawan.

    Related to the issue of failure harvest that occurred this year said Aher, it is one of them due to massive pest attacks, which extends in almost all areas of agricultural centers in Indonesia. In addition to pest attacks, drought also hit agriculture this year.

    "The drought of 2017 currently affects about 3400 hectares of agricultural land in West Java, and only 139 hectares suffer from crop failure or puso," he said.

    Therefore, related to pest problems, Aher appealed to the farmers in order to restore the soil condition by not using fertilizers, let alone pesticides in excess.

    "So, the land must be restored again to the previous fertile conditions," Aher added.

    Chairman HKTI Moeldoko, explained that there are approximately 3000-4000 hectares of community will harvest in Sukra Indramayu regency. The former Commander-in-Chief of the TNI also mentioned that the harvest of thanksgiving activities will also be attended by the President of the Republic of Indonesia Joko Widodo.

    "The president plan will be invited to be present in the middle of the community in the framework of harvest gratitude, and the Governor as host and also Minister of Agriculture," he explained.

    So that all components of the Government will be together in the success of the harvest activities.

    Related Issue of crop failure, Moeldoko said HKTI will try to help overcome various problems of farmers. One of them by opening a farm clinic for farmers.

    He mentioned farmers will gain an understanding how to increase production through intensification.

    "We also continue to improve the productivity of farmers," he said.

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