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    Minister of Administrative Reform and Bureaucratic Reform: We Need Tourism Human Resources


    BANDUNG-Minister of Administrative Reform and Bureaucratic Reform Asman Abnur admitted, currently requires civil servants who have a background in the field of tourism.

    He said after giving a speech at the graduation ceremony of graduate, bachelor, diploma IV and III High School Tourism (STP) NHI Bandung, Monday (06/11/2017). Present Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar (Demiz) accompanied Minister of Administrative Reform and Bureaucratic Reform.

    "Graduates such as STP tourism is very needed, especially vocational, because this skill will make us more advanced again," said Asman.

    Asman revealed, the number of tourist destinations in Indonesia is not balanced with the human resources who really master the science of tourism in managing the attraction.

    "Now our position is a lot of tourist destinations that we create but in the local tourism industry such as lake Toba we really need people who manage tourism there," he said.

    Asman continued, in the local government, especially in the tourism and cultural departments are still many civil servants who do not have tourism background.

    "Even civil servants are like in Provincial Government, Regency Government and City Government still many employees who do not have tourism background, while our tourism target must be high, well civil servants we need this STP graduate," said Asman.

    In line with Minister of Administrative Reform and Bureaucratic Reform, Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar invites the graduates of STP Bandung to contribute to advance and manage tourism in West Java.

    "I invite to this STP Bandung graduate to develop tourism potential in West Java," he said.

    Vice Governor said West Java currently has a new attraction to offer to prospective tourists that is Geopark Ciletuh-Palabuhanratu which next year will predicate Unesco Global Geopark.

    "Then the megalithic site of Mount Padang in Cianjur We are also preparing halal tours in this early stage in Bogor and Bandung," he explained.

    Vice Governor encourages investment in tourism industry in various regions in West Java. Therefore, he hopes to the Ministry of Tourism, tourism industry actors and tourism colleges to strengthen the bargaining position of West Java as one of Indonesia's main tourism destinations so as to provide multi player effect on the economic growth and welfare of the people.

    Tourism is a very important sector as a locomotive of economic growth as well as a major source of state revenue. Data from Bank Indonesia in 2016 mentions, in West Java the contribution of tourism to the economy in the trade, accommodation and restaurant sector reached Rp 33 trillion. Even national tourism contributes the largest foreign exchange after oil and gas sector, coal and palm oil decline.

    "Hopefully STP Bandung as the oldest tourism school in Asia Pacific continues to be a leader in developing human resources that are competitive global tourism as well as entrepreneurial spirit and able to play an active role as a driving force as well as spearhead the development of tourism," hope Vice Governor

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