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    In addition to Fast Trains, Train Access to BiJB is Prepared


    BANDUNG-Fast train project that originally will only connect Jakarta - Bandung extended route until Kertajati, Majalengka Regency, West Java. In addition to the modern mass transpotation prepared by the central government, other infrastructure is also being matured by West Java Provincial Government.

    Head of Department of Transportation West Java Dedi Taufik said, access regular railway to Kertajati will start from Rancaekek Bandung regency until Tanjungsari Sumedang regency. This line is the reactivation of long lines with a length of 12 kilometers.

    "Rancaekek to Tanjungsari is up to 12 kilometers long, it will be reactivated first," said Dedi Taufik, in Bandung on Monday, November 6, 2017. "The role in the provincial government has been completed after the MoU has been done between West Java provincial government, Central Government and PT KAI.

    Then to support West Java International Airport (BIJB), this regular railway line will be connected directly to Kertajati Sub-district. In the feasibility study (FS) after Tanjungsari, this new rail-based route will lead to Kadipaten and proceed to Kertajati as the gate of BIJB. The route length reaches 40 kilometers by Toll Cisumdawu.

    "In this plan, the track will be parallel to the Cisumdawu Toll Road," he said.

    While the northern route precisely in Arjawinangun, Cirebon, reactivation will also be made to the Duchy. This route is just reactivated because previously it also has a railway line.

    "In other studies we want to draw from Pantura or rather from Arjawinangun.This will double track," he explained.

    His side admitted, it will encourage PT KAI can conduct curbing and land acquisition to be able to realize the acceleration of infrastructure, especially mass transportation in West Java. As for other supporting infrastructure, his side has also requested assistance to the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR).

    "Now that the role is already in PT KAI, if there is a change in the trase for land acquisition we will budget it, so our role is now to control and infrastructure development by the central government because there will be some done (PUPR) Cileunyi area, that there will be a crossing of a plot, "he said.

    He added that the access complement to BIJB will start soon, considering that the airport will start operation in mid 2018. In addition to the prepared railway line, West Java Provincial Government is currently clearing land for toll roads and non-toll roads. For Toll it prepares direct access to the BIJB along the 3.7 kilometers with the entrance of Cipali.

    "For the toll road, there is a budget of Rp120 billion to free up to 3.7 km and then for the infrastructure after the land acquisition will be done in 2018," he added.

    As for non toll access that will be made this stretches along 1.6 kilometers with a width of 60 meters or an area of 40 hectares. The land area is located on a community land of 218 areas. "Non toll will be completed also in 2017," he explained.

    With the opening of access from various directions, he believes the impact of BIJB presence will be felt from the economic growth that can be felt by the local community. This happens because of the high traffic vehicles that will grow crowd. Moreover, he said, BIJB also will be connected with a fast train.

    Director of PT BIJB Virda Dimas Ekaputra welcomed the presence of mass transportation connectivity to BIJB. This means that the Majalengka area will be more easily accessible with a variety of mass transportation options in addition to through the toll lane.

    "I agree that the toll has been made so well that the catcment is awakened, the train from Bandung (regency), and then there is the port access, if all the connections are top .. I say (Airport) Kertajati this is the treasure of West Java, "he said.

    Previously, the Minister of Planning and National Development (PPN) / Head of National Development Planning Agency (Bappenas) Bambang PS Brodjonegoro BIJB presence which is the future airport should be supported by other modes of transportation such as trains. Although the presence of Cipali Toll and Cisumdawu Toll which is expected to be operational in 2019, the connectivity of West Java community even Jabodetabek though should be made easier.

    "After viewing the map there needs to be a connectivity of Kertajati and Soekarno-Hatta, it could be a train but there is a regular route, it is necessary to think there is an understanding for the airport to the city of Bandung and connect to Kertajati," he said during a working visit to BIJB project on Friday 3 November 2017.

    He believes, West Java community itself if BIJB operate will be the main choice to fly. This is based on the density of air traffic flow in Soekarno-Hatta which is less than ideal to serve the flight. "So BIJB positioning, I think Kertajati can become the second international airport after Soekarno-Hatta, because the city (Jakarta) has 10 million citizens. So Indonesia naturally has two international airports, Tokyo, Seoul two, even Moscow there are four.It's normal, "he said, calling the pattern of planning and development of BIJB can be a national pilot.

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