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    West Java Explores Nursing Education Cooperation with Shizuoka Japan


    SHIZUOKA-West Java Provincial Government explores cooperation in education with Shizuoka University, especially with the School of Nursing unit. The cooperation aims to print international-certified nurses, as well as capable and highly competitive abroad.

    This communication opened with a meeting between West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) and his staff with academics at Shizuoka University Nursing School, Shizuoka University, Thursday (2/11/17). Both parties provide exposure and presentation related to the world of nursing in each region.

    Aher said in West Java there are a number of high schools or universities, both public and private, that provide education in the field of nursing. For example, says Aher is Padjadjaran University.

    "We are likely to design a partnership in the field of nursing education between Padjadjaran University and Shizuoka University, in West Java, there are thousands of students in the field of nursing," said Aher in his presentation.

    Aher hopes Shizuoka University Nursing School can conduct student exchange with Padjadjaran University. In addition, it is expected that a number of nurse or nursing candidates will receive Japanese nursing or international nursing standardization.

    "We hope nurses from West Java can care for, make the elderly in Japan happy, to be qualified healthcare professionals in Japan and elsewhere," he said.

    Dean of the Shizuoka University Nursing School, Kanazawa Hiroaki, said it provides international nursing education at the campus. Kanazawa was very surprised to hear there are thousands of prospective nurses at various universities in West Java, considering the campus has only 120 prospective nurses.

    "We want to establish cooperation with many universities in West Java that provide nursing education, so we have just exchanged students and internships with universities from Thailand, nurses from here studying in Thailand, and vice versa," he said.

    It is very important to improve the quality of international nurses, he said, to know the world of medicine and nursing in other countries. All these different things, he says, can only be learned directly outside their home country.

    "Japan considers the world of nursing is very important, we need a lot of nurses, but the current obstacles, if receiving nurses from abroad, are lack of mastery of Japanese language and we have limitations in English," he said.

    Assistant Professor of Nursing School of Shizuoka University, Negishi Mayumi, said that his party is very passionate and gives great support to West Java to establish cooperation in the field of nursing education.

    "We believe this is a very good cooperation, it can be beneficial to many parties and useful, we can start cooperation with universities or high schools in West Java, it will be very good," he said.

    As long as this is known, Japan continues to need nurses to be placed in health facilities. Meanwhile, the need for private nurses for the elderly was getting bigger. This is because every year the number of elderly in Japan is increasing due to the high life expectancy in the country.

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