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    MIPI Awards for Aher


    JAKARTA-Indonesian Government Science Society (MIPI), this year gives awards to the government actors, practitioners, scientists, and government observers. West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) was awarded the Government Practitioner category.

    "Thanks to MIPI, the jury has all voted, we dedicate this award to the bureaucracy, to the community, to the good of our government, when the award is MIPI we see it as the most real, specific, the most typical because people governmental science rewards practitioners, scientists, and government observers, "said Governor Ahmad Heryawan, after receiving awards MIPI Award 2017, at Grand Sahid Jaya Hotel Jend. Sudirman Street Kav. 86 Central Jakarta, Thursday (04/11/17) night.

    Aher admits he is motivated to continue to build the nation. Always a change in the direction of goodness is the effort. As for its determination, which wants to present the government with a regime that is oriented to public welfare.

    "Anyway, the government is the public good, for the public goodness, that's the government," he said.

    But Aher complained, now the intention to realize the benefit of people with the science of government, sometimes collided with governmental accounting, which sometimes inhibits the bureaucratic process.

    Moreover, Aher continued, in this era of digital transformation, a problem needs quick action, with integrated innovations that are also digitized.

    "We are building, we continue to build, and do not stop building, and do not get tired of building," said Governor Aher.

    Speaking of leadership, Aher also said that until now the people of Indonesia in general is still dependent on the 'figure' to be a role model. Similarly, in the government, it takes a central figure or leader who is able to demonstrate the performance of good governance.

    So Aher continued, he appealed community, it is very important to choose a regional head that has a clear mission vision. In order to make ideals of a government in a particular area can run well.

    "As good as any governmental science, if there is no 'central figure' who can run it at the government level, it is rather difficult, so people do not just choose," he said.

    He pointed out when the head of the region to make a regulation, not necessarily absorbed, or understood by all CSA, and regional devices well with one instruction only. Then the clarity of the vision of a 'public figure' mission becomes important.

    Related to the award, the Chairman of MIPI M Ridho Ficardo said that the awarding of these figures is done through a process of data collection, assessment and research conducted throughout the year by a number of professors, including from the Institute of Local Government, Gajah Mada University, Indonesia University , and also LIPI.

    "The MIPI Awards conducted through rigorous judging and research throughout the year," said M Ridho Ficardo.

    Ridho further explained, the award is conducted to raise competence in the field of government, in an effort to encourage the development of governmental science.

    "So in the end MIPI can participate to build the creation of good governance, democratic, and effective," said Ridho.

    Meanwhile, Governor Ahmad Heryawan in running the governance of West Java Province, is considered to have implemented aspects of governance that touches the rules of 'good governance'.

    The Governor of Aher is considered to be the head of a region with visionary leadership, innovative, responsive, integrity, trust, consistency and prudence. Also West Java, as long as his leadership is considered to have good governance performance, which is characterized by an increase in Human Development Index, as well as effective and efficient bureaucratic performance.

    During the first period of Aher's reign (2008-2013), political attitudes and levels of public acceptance of his leadership as Governor were excellent. As a result, he was again entrusted with leading West Java Province for the second time (2013-2018).

    Seeing the condition of West Java which is the province with the largest population in the national scale. With the social structure of society is very heterogeneous and coincide with the demands and needs of the community with the complexity of complex problems. Therefore, strong and qualified leadership is needed to lead West Java.

    Aher Governor is judged to have successfully answered the demands, his ability to create a socio-economic environment, politics and the implementation of regional government orderly and not cause conflict that threatens the peace of the people of West Java, is a fact appreciated by MIPI. 

    "The potential and escalation of conflict emerged accidentally so far, he was able to manage with wise, so as not to expand and cause division within the community, both vertically and horizontally and no impact on national political life, "he said.

    In order to solve the problem of public services, Aher has made policies which gives sides to the interests of the people of West Java in real terms. He gives priority to cheap education, creating a million jobs, public health and infrastructure improvements throughout West Java. 

    "The performance of West Java Governor's leadership has inspired the central government and international institution on how his rank to solve education, health, job vacancy dan infrastructure problem in region," he said

    As for this award, a number of other figures who also received awards in the category of government practitioners such as Regent Agam Indra Catri MSP Dt Malako Nan Putiah, Regent Kulon Progo Hasto Wadoyo, Pontianak Mayor Sutarmidji. 
    While in the category of scientists, Professor of the Department of Administration FISIP UI Eko Prasojo. As for the category of Government Observer candidate that is the Executive Director of Regional Autonomy Implementation Monitoring Committee (KPPOD), Robert Na Endi Jaweng.

    As it is known, MIPI Awards given to practitioners, scientists, and government observers since 2007. Awards are given to appropriate individuals for honored and exemplary, and consistently strives to contribute significantly to the development of new ideas in the science and practice of governance. 

    The award winners are appreciated by embedding gold pin, throphy, certificate, and MIPI award Decree.

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