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    Indonesia Maritime Territory is Vulnerable Threat


    BANDUNG-Coordinating Minister for the Ministry of Marine Affairs, Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan said, based on the study of Lemhanas RI in the journal Hankam published in 2012 has categorized various forms of threat to Indonesian maritime territory.

    "A lot of certain parties are doing activities in the territory of Indonesia and actors who violate the provisions of national and international legislation," said Luhut told reporters at the campus Unpad Bandung, Friday (3/11/2017).

    Luhut explains, several types of national security threats to the maritime threat of violence that uses armed forces with organized such as terrorism, piracy, robbery and sabotage.

    "There is also a threat to marine resources in the form of pollution and destruction of marine ecosystems and conflicts in politicized marine resources and followed by performances of military forces," explained Luhut.

    In addition, legal threats relating to non-compliance with laws of national and international law applicable in waters such as illegal logging, illegal fishing and smuggling.

    While the threat of navigation, he said, concerning the threat posed by maritime geography and hydrography due to inadequate navigation aids that can endanger voyage.

    "Therefore, balanced action is needed and must be owned by Indonesia as a preventive and repressive effort," said Luhut.

    Of the various types of threats, which is in the spotlight is a national resource turbulation or threat to marine resources. This threat of pollution and destruction of marine ecosystems and natural resources.

    Threats can also come from outside parties such as illegal fishing or illegal logging and some other smuggling acts.
    To maintain the territorial sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Unitary Republic of Indonesia (NKRI), there is a need for state defense and security equipment. For that reason the government plans to make the Natuna islands as the base of the state defense in the outer end.

    "In addition, the government is also building a pier that can be visited by Indonesian Republic Ship (KRI) to maintain the security of Unitary Republic of Indonesia waters," continued Luhut.

    Coordinating Minister of Maritime added that the ministry is currently proposing the establishment of a maritime map whose function is to provide convenience to elite forces such as the Navy and the Air Force to oversee waters and islands.

    Luhut admitted optimist of all infrastructure development in order to maintain maritime security is soon realized properly.

    "We have to make a maritime map, the incident of the ship crash (coral area) in Raja Ampat is because we do not have a map yet the process is not fast, we will review it again," he concluded. (MAT)

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