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    High-Speed Railway Starting To Built Today


    WEST BANDUNG-West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan accompanied the President Joko Widodo, Jakarta Governor Tjahaya Basuki Purnama (Ahok) and a number of Working Cabinet Ministers for laying the first stone in the mega projects high-speed railway construction that connecting Jakarta - Bandung, in Walini Cikalong Wetan District, West Bandung, Thursday (20/01). Walini chosen as one of the four stopping along the trace of 142.3 km.

    President Jokowi said the construction of this high-speed railway is proving Indonesia can compete with other countries. "This is a competition era, the great country will win the competition. This high-speed railway able to improve the mobility of goods and people," said Jokowi in his speech.

    Jokowi also want to realise the desire of West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan to connect this high-speed railways with the Bandung Raya’s Light Rail Transit (LRT). "I immediately decided to finish it, eventually the Bandung Raya’s Light Rail Transit can operate together with the high-speed railways," he said.

    The high-speed railways has an investment value of 5.5 billion US dollars or about 70 trillion rupiah. It did not use funds from the state budget but from a consortium of Indonesian state-owned enterprises (BUMN) and China as the project implementers.

    West Java Governor Ahmad Heyawan revealed the presence of high-speed railways will support the economic growth in Jakarta and Bandung. "The high-speed railways will boost economic centres in Jakarta and Bandung," said Aher in the sidelines of this event. 

    According to Aher, the high-speed railways can absorb the amount of labor in terms of both construction and during operation. He hopes in its development will absorb 39 thousand workers from West Java. "Because this project is in West Java, then I want it 90 percent worked by local people," said Aher.

    “Even so, the determining technically relate to the labor based on the consortium itself," he added.

    The high-speed railway will be operated in 2019. It would takes 35 minutes from Jakarta - Bandung with a distance of 142.3 km. The high-speed railways will pass four stations, namely Gambir, Karawang, Walini and ends at Tegalluar Bandung. It has maximum speed of 350 km/hour, and able to accommodate 1,000 passengers with operation hours per day is 18 hours and the remaining 6 hours for maintenance. The completion of this high-speed railway will coincide with the Bandung Raya’s Light Rail Transit.

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