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    RAA Wiranatakusumah Introduced Degung on Wide Community


    BANDUNG-RAA Wiranatakusumah V contributed to the development of Degung art in West Java. His work begins by introducing the art of Degung to the wider community, when he moved from Cianjur to Bandung. Degung initially can only be staged in the hall or office of the Regent at that time.

    "When great-grandfather moved to Bandung and became Regent of Bandung after previously became Regent of Cianjur, that moment began to be introduced to the public, not only the property of pendopo or padaleman only" said Roedy Wiranatakusumah, great-grandson of RAA Wiranatakusumah V, when met after the opening of Pasanggiri Degung Rumentang Siang Bandung, Saturday (4/11).

    According to Roedy, in the development of degung art indeed experienced ups and downs in the community, was once very successful, and now almost abandoned circumstances.

    "Therefore, our family is very grateful to the ISBI and West Java Provincial Government which has been trying to keep preserving degung among them with this pasanggiri" he said.

    Roedy hopes there are other efforts to keep reviving Degung as an introduction through the world of tourism. (Even)

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