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    Degung's Sound Ranges Back in Rumentang Siang


    BANDUNG-The sound of gamelan, traditional Sundanese music that has been spelled out rarely, returns to the Rumentang Siang Art Building Bandung, at least for 2 days, Saturday-Sunday, 4-5 November 2017.

    West Java Department of Tourism and Culture in the middle of a hive there: Pasanggiri Degung Junior High School and Vocational School in Level of West Java, fight over the rotating trophy of RAA Wiranatakusumah.

    Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar in his opening speech affirmed, West Java provincial government commitment to preserve Degung.

    "As long as there is Provincial Government, as long as there ISBI and all lovers of traditional arts, activities like this will never stop" he said, greeted by the applause of the audience.

    According to Demiz as the next generation it is appropriate to preserve the priceless cultural heritage. One of them through Pasanggiri activities.

    "This is one form of our homage to Raden Arya Adipati Wiranatakusumah who has introduced the gameplay to the common people, which previously belonged only to the priyayi, as well as the form of our respect to his successors, Sundanese musical art figures who have grown up to this day still exist "he said.

    Pasanggiri Degung junior High School and Vocational School in Level of West Java competing rotating trophy of RAA Wiranatakusumah held by West Java Tourism and Culture Department in cooperation with ISBI college, held for the third time. (Even)

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