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    Indonesia is Maritime Country with the World's Largest Islands


    BANDUNG- Indonesia is known as a country with a lot of natural resources potential, especially in maritime field. Indonesia is the largest archipelagic country in the world consisting of 17,499 islands with a long coastline of 81,000 km and its waters consist of territorial sea, archipelagic waters and inland waters covering 2.7 million km or 70% of the territory of Indonesia.

    Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs, Luhut Binsar Panjaitan explained Indonesia also has an Exclusive Economic Zone (ZEE) of 3.1 km2 which adds the Indonesian marine territory to 5.8 million km2.

    "Therefore it can not be denied that Indonesia is a maritime characterized country," said Luhut at Unpad Campus Bandung, Friday (3/11/2017).

    Luhut mentioned that based on UNCLOS 1982, indirectly confirms Indonesia as an archipelagic country so it is fitting that all aspects of life and state administration need to consider geostrategic, geopolitical, geo-economic and geosocial culture as an archipelago country.

    "Indonesia also has the right and authority to utilize ZEE of 2.7 km2 which involves the exploration, exploitation and management of biological and non biological resources, research and jurisdiction, establishing artificial islands and islands," explained Luhut.

    In terms of geostrategic, maritime country has a unique configuration and at the same time very challenging because it has a cross position is flanked by two continents and two oceans.

    "With this strategic position, Indonesia's sea lanes are becoming an important channel for both national and international shipping," said Luhut.

    The Coordinating Minister added that Indonesia has a very important position and role in its relationship with the international community as the center of gravity of the Asia Pacific region.

    "The negative impact with these conditions Indonesia has a high level of vulnerability to threats from within and outside because it is so open and the spread of islands in Indonesia," he concluded. (MAT)

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