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    Head of National Development Planning Agency: BIJB Project is an example of Airport Development


    BANDUNG-Minister of Planning and National Development (PPN) / Head of National Development Planning Agency (Bappenas) Bambang PS Brodjonegoro, paid a working visit to the West Java International Airport (BIJB) project, Kertajati Sub District, Majalengka District. Bambang and entourage visit to see the readiness of the international airport, which will operate in mid-2018 later.

    The presence of Bambang to BIJB on Friday 3 November 2017 morning, was greeted by Director of PT BIJB Virda Dimas Ekaputra along with the board of directors. Appeared to attend Special Staff of the Minister of PPN Eko Putro Adijayanto and the ranks, Head of Department of Transportation West Java Dedi Taufik represent the Government of West Java Province and the ranks and elements deliberations of regional leaders from Local Government of Majalengka. This former Finance Minister and entourage directly listen to the exposure of Virda about the airport project worth Rp 2.6 trillion.

    Virda said, the progress of airport work that consumes 1,800 hectares of land per Monday 30 October 2017 itself is quite encouraging, ie 66.5 percent. The airport which will have three runways in the construction work is done in three packages, which is done by three contractors for the land side.

    The first package includes infrastructure development undertaken by PT Adhi Karya Tbk with a performance of 97.74 percent. "The scope of this infrastructure work are roads, drainage, parking landscaping and ramp interchanges," said Virda while calling this package to be completed by the end of November 2017.

    Package two includes the construction of passenger terminal building which is done by PT Wijaya Karya (Wika) and PT Pembangunan Perumahan achievement of its work has reached 52.58 percent. "For this reason, the two scopes that developers are doing are interior, main roof, eletrikal and plumbing, roof boarding lounge, bird eye view and ACP com architecture," said Virda.

    As for the package of three include the construction of operational building which is done by PT Waskita Karya is almost perfect with 90.33 percent. PT Waskita is given responsibility to work on airport operational support facilities such as incenerator, meteorology, ground water tank, regional road, sub station and airport fire safety device.

    "While the readiness of the runway along the 2,500 meters which will be pushed until 3,500 meters made from the Ministry of Transportation has reached 90 percent," said Virda.

    For the readiness of other facilities from BIJB where the progress of providers conducted by multi-stakeholders is not less exciting. Call it the aircraft fuel facility for Pertamina's hydrant pit is ready 100 percent. Furthermore the construction of the tower as an aviation navigation facility has reached 82 percent.

    "Other facilities from BMKG has reached 99 percent, water splicing has reached 95 percent and the electricity connection reaches 96 percent," said Virda.

    Seeing the progress already on the track Virda believes that the airport now has 3-Letter Airport Code 'KJT' from the IATA is already able to be soft launching in the first quarter of 2018.

    Virda also conveyed the airport financing scheme whereby PT BIJB was the first institution to utilize infrastructure financing schemes with the issuance of RDPT or Limited Revenue Fund (RDPT). Through this scheme, BIJB targets to sell Rp 1 trillion of Kertajati Airport RDPT.

    The remaining Rp 2.6 trillion is needed, PT BIJB as Regional Owned Enterprises of West Java Provincial Government is given an injection through the pattern of planting shares where the Government of West Java Province and PT Jasa Sarana with total paid up capital of Rp 808 billion. PT Jasa Sarana has a capital portion of Rp 12 billion.

    Meanwhile, Bambang appreciated the steps of PT BIJB which has been planning, funding to development where it is now more than 60 percent. Includes non-government financing schemes wholly supported by the Government's Non-Government Investment Financing scheme (PINA).

    "We from Bappenas want to see one of the projects that can be a model of non-budget investment financing development, so here is a special staff of ministers who coordinate non-budget investment," said Bambang.

    "The most important thing is we try to make a new paradigm in making the airport, because frankly the majority of airports in ours are still owned by TNI AU, and its function is commercialized which is not SOE, yes Ministry of Transportation, that is airport pattern in Indonesia mostly," he explained.

    West Java provincial government who initiated to form West Java Owned Enterprises through PT BIJB he said, this could certainly be a new model of airport management that should not dependence through the financing of state money.

    "In Kertajati we also involved, hopefully it can become an alternative airport management and development model in Indonesia so do not have to follow the old pattern relating to SOEs So if we talk about financing and management we will cooperate with private parties (operator) even though Angkasa Pura interested, "he said. 

    In the working visit, Bambang and his entourage directly review some project sites. Those who use VIP vehicles along the route from cargo, interchanges, apron, and runway. The project review ended with lunch with the residents and the Kuwu who were accompanied by village apparatus. 

    Kuwu people affected by the land acquisition for the airport came from Kertajati Village, Ajat Sudrajat, from Sukamulya ie Nono Darsono from Bantarjati, Suharno from Kertasari Tarjaya, and Kuwu Sukakerta namely Kosiin.

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