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    Today the West Java Coffee Festival (WJCF) was Inaugurated


    BANDUNG- West Java Coffee Festival (WJCF) is an annual event held by West Java Trade and Industry Department in cooperation with West Java Plantation Department. This event has been held twice before, first in 2015 and the second in 2016 at South Atrium Trans Studio Mall Bandung.

    WJCF is an effort to encourage the development of local coffee-based processed that is seeded and potential and it is a form of appreciation of West Java coffee which is one of the largest coffee producers in Indonesia.

    Within 2 years of implementation WJCF has generated a lot of information for its visitors about the information of variant quality of coffee.

    The purpose of this WJCF event is as a means for farmers and coffee business actors in West Java regency / municipality to show their superior coffee, a means to know the development of coffee quality from each region and activities to introduce more West Java coffee to the community so that gave birth to lovers of West Java coffee, creating a positive competition in the field of creative industries of West Java coffee, a container to create business relations both domestically and internationally in the Coffee industry.

    In this 3rd year of West Java Coffee Festival (WJCF) 2017 was held at Plaza Outdoor Trans Studio Mall with an area larger than the previous WJCF event, bringing together many collaborations between Coffee Farmer Group and Coffee Shop (Coffee Shop).

    "The difference from the previous year, we reduced the number of competitions, and this year we are more showing how the coffee to taste", said Acting Head of Trade and Industry of West Java Hening Widiatmoko, met Jabarprov team at Plaza Outdoor Trans Studio Mall, Bandung (Friday, 3/11 / 2017)

    WJCF 2017 is a combination of WJCF 2015 & WJCF 2016 concept, it is expected that the upstream connected (Coffee Farmer Group) and downstream (Coffee Entrepreneurs) will together show the quality of original Coffee of West Java, which is applied through coffee sales transactions that will be illustrated through this event .

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