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    Critical Landscape Solution of South Bandung


    BANDUNG REGENCY-As the government's efforts to solve critical land issues in South Bandung, the Ministry of Environment and Forestry through Perum Perhutani together with the Government of Bandung Regency, targets about 4 thousand hectares for Forest and Land Rehabilitation (RHL) in Citarum River Basin (DAS).

    This was revealed by Deputy Head of Division of Perhutani West Java Regional and Banten (Divreg Janten) Ir.Endung Trihartaka, M.Si after the socialization of RHL program in forest area of Perum Perhutani divreg Janten in Moch Toha Building. Soreang, Thursday (2/11).
    "The total area of our area is 675 thousand hectares in West Java, while in South Bandung, from 55 thousand critical land about 4 thousand more need to be rehabilitated. If this target is completed, then all the forest of perhutani in Bandung area has been finished all , "said Endung.

    According to Endung, the area to penetrate is the Citarum watershed area during November and December. In addition to cooperation with the government, it also invites the community to work together in terms of protection of protected forests.

    "This program in the future will also invite all elements of the community, in terms of safeguarding rehabilitated protected forests, with 3 guidance of the trees we planted of multipurpose species, can be beneficial for ecology, social and economic, through the CBFM (Community Collaborative Forest Management) "he said.

    Meanwhile, according to the Regent of Bandung H.Dadang M. Naser, SH., M.Ip, previously the government also has done memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with perhutani to strengthen the planting of trees in the Citarum watershed.

    "90 percent of tree planting in the Citarum Sub watershed is good, this time it will be socialized mapping to breakdown in the field, for planting trees in various areas," said Regent Bandung accompanied by Bandung Environmental Office Head Asep Kusumah.

    In addition to continued human survival, tree planting can also reduce the risk of disasters. He hopes this program can be a solution of the environmental problems so far.

    "Our responsibility tells each other to think together how the local government and perhutani do, not blame each other for the destruction of nature that has been happening, even resulting in disastrous disasters," he said.

    The Regent gave a stern warning to a group of people who still planted vegetables on slopes, and called for replacing them with tree crops.

    "Critical land should not be left bare, let alone planted with vegetables.Note, lest there are forests that are not planted with hard trees, such as the fruit of saninten as endemic, such as nuts, macademia, avocado, coffee, jackfruit, eucalyptus and others.

    He further invites all parties to evaluate in order to build mutual cooperation movement with the community to form Forest Village. "We have also invited students to satapok program, hopefully will form shady areas, and beautiful through this program, especially for RHL in Citarum watershed in Bandung regency.

    On that occasion, Head of Citarum-Ciliwung Ir Djonli, MF, representatives of the Regional Leadership Communication Forum, Polsek and Koramil, Village Chiefs and environmental activists in Bandung Regency.

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