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    Head of Department of Transportation: Online Transportation Problem, Will Be Effective 3 Months of the Transition Period


    BANDUNG-Head of West Java Department of Transportation Dedi Taufik asserted, it will use transitional time during 3 months to socialize and organize the preparation of effective enforcement Regulation of the Minister of Transportation or Ministerial Regulation No.108 of 2017 about the transportation of people with public motor vehicles outside the trajectory or better known as transportation based online.

    After conducting socialization to the entrepreneurs of online and conventional transportation in the office of West Java Transportation Department Sukabumi Street City of Bandung, Thursday (2/11), Dedi mentions 3-month transition time it will be utilized as well and as effectively as possible.

    "We will make the transition period 3 months effective since the minister regulation issued, so that all can be arranged and can be prepared properly. Indeed, three months is not a long time yes, but we are trying to finish according to the direction of the Minister "he said.

    According to Dedi that must be prepared in the transition period of 3 months that there are at least 3 things related to the operation of the online-based transport.

    "The three things are the question of the quota or the number of fleets in each permitted cities/ districts, then the upper tariff issue and also the issue of permission. It should be disseminated immediately to the owners of the online-based public transport business.

    Each cities/ districts will certainly have different provisions related to quota problems because the ratio of population to transport will also be different "he said.

    In addition, Dedi is grateful for the birth of this 108th Regulation all parties accept mainly conventional transportation businessman. The socialization of minister regulation no 108 was held at the office of Transportation Department of West Java which presented Director General of Land Transportation Ministry of Transportation, Cucu Mulyana, with participants of hundreds of online and conventional transport entrepreneurs. (Even)

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