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    BIJB and Mount Fuji Shizuoka Airport Explore Cooperation


    SHIZUOKA-West Java International Airport (BIJB) is exploring cooperation with Mount Fuji Shizuoka Airport. The meeting between West Java Provincial Government, BIJB and Mount Fuji Shizuoka Airport was held at the airport facing directly to Mount Fuji, the highest mountain and the Japanese icon.
    West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan said he hoped the closeness of the relationship between West Java and Shizuoka, one of which resulted in making BIJB-Shizuoka flight route.
    "We hope there will be direct flights from Shizuoka to West Java and vice versa, in order to be used also for marketing the products of the two regions, it can also expand a lot of cooperation in tourism," he said.
    Aher says many rights can be co-operated with Shizuoka, from education, culture, economics, plantation, food security, to tourism. This cooperation will be closer if connected via the second flight route of the airport.
    Director of PT BIJB, Virda Dimas Ekaputra, said Mount Fuji Shizuoka Airport is still expanding its international passenger terminal, commercial area and other passenger facilities, including musala.
    Although the number of passengers coming and going from the airport is relatively small, Virda sees potential cargo or freight transport from the airport for cooperation with BIJB in Majalengka.
    "In view of the current conditions, Shizuoka Airport has not been big enough, for the potential of direct flight BIJB is still a bit heavy, which means that there is a possibility that there will be a flight with Haneda Airport in Tokyo if it is expanded, possibly with BIJB," said Virda in a meeting held on Thursday (2/11/17).
    The airport is planned to be expanded from 12,093 square meters to 17,900 square meters. Routes of flights that are usually one hour and one flight can be an hour three flights. the capacity of both passenger and commercial terminals is greater, with the addition of musala.
    "It is very possible to develop cargo, this airport can cargo up to 1,200 tons, which is huge, while in West Java there are also many industries from Japan, which if export activities will surely pass BIJB and Governor Shizuoka said that Shizuoka is industrial warehouse as well, "he said.
    More broadly, he said, Japan can cooperate with BIJB for the development of aerocity area which has logistic park for cargo and warehousing. In BIJB there are also Aerospace Park, Energy Center, Business Park, Creative Center, and residential areas, all of which are in an area of 3.480 hectares.
    Manager of Mount Fuji Shizuoka Airport, Kakesawa, said he hopes to hold a direct flight from Shizuoka to BIJB. Thus, West Java will be the first region in Southeast Asia to conduct direct flight to Shizuoka.
    "The airport is special because from this airport it is directly seen Mount Fuji becoming the gateway to Shizuoka," said Kakesawa.
    Kakesawa also expressed his seriousness to build a musala in the expansion of the airport project to be able to serve Muslim passengers from various countries and encourage halal tourism in Shizuoka.

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