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    Village Electricity (Lisdes), Since 2001-2017 Reaching 290,767 Poor Households


    TASIKMALAYA- From 2001 to 2017, West Java Provincial Government (Jabar) in cooperation with PT PLN West Java Distribution has connected the electricity network in remote villages where the number of households connected through the village electricity program (lisdes) reached 290,767 households.

    For that program, government has channeled funds amounting to Rp 449.3 billion through West Java Provincial Regional Budget. Especially for the year 2017 alone West Java provincial government will help village electricity for as many as 26,142 households with a total budget of Rp 34.98 billion. It's currently on for 5,000 subscribers.

    "The fruit of this harmonious cooperation makes electrification achievement reach 98.5%," said West Java Vice Governor Deddy Mizwar on Thursday (2/11) inaugurated the inauguration of rural electricity network for 233 hamlets in the area of PT PLN West Java Distribution.

    He said that with the connection of electricity other than to be bright, it is also expected to increase the economic strains of society and more productive in the development of its economy.

    Meanwhile, General Manager of PT PLN West Java Distribution, Iwan Purwana said the current power connection is intended for 233 hamlets, but in fact the program will include 891 hamlets.

    "We are targeting February or March 2018 the rest will be connected, until the target is reached Jabar Caang," he said. Jo

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