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    CSR To Face Global Competition


    BANDUNG-Continuing the success of the previous year, Telkomsel again held the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program of IndonesiaNEXT 2017 which was also presented to improve the capacity and prepare the students skills to face the now highly competitive global competition.

    General Manager of Youth and Community Jabotabek West Java Telkomsel Ricky E Panggabean said the program is scheduled to be held in six cities, namely Medan, Jakarta, Bandung, Yogyakarta, Surabaya and Makassar, with the theme "Get Ready to Be The Next".

    On the implementation of IndonesiaNEXT 2017 Roadshow in each city is filled with series of seminar events which will present Handry Satriago (CEO of General Electric Indonesia), Hiro Wardhana (CEO Code Inc) and Sakti Makki (Co-Founder Makki Makki), who share their experience and knowledge is expected to inspire students, competency training and close with national and international certification examination programs.

    For the implementation in Jabotabek area and surrounding areas, the participants who have registered as a whole have reached more than 1,200 students from dozens of campuses located in the operational area of Telkomsel Regional Jabotabek, such as University of Indonesia, Pancasila University, Trisakti University Jakarta, Bogor Agricultural University, Bogor Agricultural University and so forth.

    This program is presented Telkomsel through a series of seminars and training to have an international certification, which is expected to facilitate the young generation, especially among students in order to have strong capital in improving competitiveness globally.

    "In the era of rapid digital technology-based advancement and increasingly adopted among young people in their daily lifestyle, especially in facing the challenges of an increasingly competitive world of work," he told reporters in Bandung, Wednesday (1/10/2017)

    Ricky mentioned that in the training session for certification in Jabotabek area, it was held in three prominent campuses namely University of Indonesia, Pancasila University, and Trisakti University Jakarta.

    Through this activity, participants get training that hone their skills in using software, as well as the skills to communicate formally.

    "This 3-day training course will also introduce students with the latest skills and knowledge related to various fields, such as: management, economics, information technology, computer systems, to multimedia," said Ricky

    Ricky further explained that participants who pass the certification exam on the NEXT Indonesia program will get a certificate of expertise that can be used by students as Certificate of Companion Diploma (SKPI). In the final stages of the program, 30 best national participants will be selected to attend an internship program in Telkomsel. In addition, the five best participants will get a short course in one of the leading companies abroad.

    Telkomsel has also held a number of programs involving direct participation of the student and student segments, such as the Telkomsel Ambassador Muda program presented to provide briefing and direct experience for them to entrepreneurship more independently, especially in the telecommunication industry.

    "The IndonesiaNEXT program is also expected to complement Telkomsel's efforts to embrace the young generation utilizing a more comprehensive range of digital based services. In the operational areas of Jabotabek and West Java itself, through business units Division Youth and Community, "he concluded. (MAT)

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