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    West Java Received Appreciation of Youth Athlete Achievement at National & International Level


    JAKARTA - Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar (Demiz) received appreciation of Youth Athlete Achievement at National and International Achievement. This award was received by Demiz representing the Governor of West Java and as a representation of West Java Provincial Government in the event Metamorphosis iNews Indonesia Awards 2017 held in Jakarta Concert Hall iNews Center Fl. 14, KH. Wahid Hasyim Street Kav. 28, Jakarta, on Tuesday night (31/10/17).
    West Java Provincial Government assessed to have done optimal coaching in the field of sports, so it can give birth to young athletes who can excel at national and even international level. Especially when the title PON XIX Year 2016 where West Java to host and won the title of General Champion.
    "This award is dedicated to all the athletes of West Java who have amazingly won the PON 19 in 2016 with the achievement of 217 gold medals that has not been achieved by any contingent during the implementation of the existing PON. Packed record PON as much as 209 record, 26 record Asia , and five world records, "Demiz said when receiving the cultivation.
    "And lastly in the Sea Games, Indonesia contingent who won 35 gold medals, eleven of them won by athletes from West Java. I am proud of you. One of my expectations, Persib back up at the end of the competition." Persib nu aing! he added.
    The award will provide more motivation for West Java Provincial Government in conducting coaching in order to improve sports achievement. Not only that, the coaching is also not separated from the support of facilities or sports facilities in West Java. West Java has complete and international sports facilities, such as five international standard stadiums, integrated sports area in Arcamanik, Bandung, as well as various other sports infrastructure scattered in almost all areas of West Java.
    Furthermore, Demiz added that his side will continue to synergize with domestic sports stakeholders such as KONI. This is done with the aim to print more young athletes who can compete and achieve to the world level.
    "I think the series of sporting events will continue to be held in West Java, various sports, so Koni collaboration is also very intense, we also provide facilities for Koni to be able to print its athletes in order to excel in any event occasions sports both national and international events, "he concluded.
    Metamorphosis iNews Indonesia Award 2017 is an award given to government and non-government agencies that have made a positive contribution to society, nation and state. West Java provincial government is considered successful and has become an inspiration for the progress of Indonesian sports. In the period 2012-2017 West Java provincial government has allocated 4.7 trillion for the construction of sports facilities and 1.7 trillion for sport activities, this became the largest budget in the history of West Java. The result, now has 17 new venues, the presence of 47 venues renovated long and sports facilities to various institutions, such as the Indonesian Armed Soldier and Universities in West Java. Moreover, the progress of sports in West Java is always accompanied by a successful four spirit: successful in organizing, successful in economic, successful in achievement and successful in administration.

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