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    West Java Youth Organization Initiated Development of Youth Organization Institute


    Cianjur - Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar (Demiz) opened Working Meeting (Raker) West Java Province Youth Organization 2017. West Java Youth Organization sparked the idea of forming Youth Organization Institute. The goal is to strengthen the Youth Organization institutional to the village / urban village level throughout West Java as an agent of change. The idea was supported by Vice Governor Demiz. Demiz expects this institution is not just wishful thinking, but furthermore has a clear goal or purpose. Such as demographic bonus opportunities to the threat of drugs and pornography. "Institutions that they know better, but what is important is what goal is where the efforts are to achieve the objectives only, the new work meeting is actually how the work stages should be done. Do not just negotiate the Dutch entry" see Demo after the opening ceremony of Youth Organization Meeting of West Java 2017 at Bukit Indah Puncak Hotel, Raya Ciloto Street No. 116 Cipanas, Cianjur regency, on Monday night (30/10/17). Youth Organization Institutional in West Java has enormous potential. Its members are spread over more than 5,000 villages in 624 sub-districts throughout West Java. To that end, Demiz further asks Youth Organization to have an active role in changing the paradigm of young unanswered society in order to become a great youth, character, and innovation, and competitiveness. "We have a chance of demographic bonus Change the paradigm, from job seeker to job creator for example, and must have role also encourage our young children to have education as high as they have access to education, but if you don't want it, it is also difficult for us, culture is usually not only structural, not just schools that do not exist, "said demiz in front of the working meeting participants from the Youth Organization administrators of District / City in West Java. Cultural barriers of society still inherent in society, such as the paradigm of do not go to high school. Or parents who encourage to quickly get a job or become an employee. "Youth Organization must have a role to encourage how young people get school, so we (West Java Provincial Government) have Open High School program, Distance Education Vocational School, there is Package Ceverything, how the role of Youth Organization encourages the youths to produce education before, so later his output among others is a skill, knowledge, and the third important is also the attitudes that make up the character, "said Demiz. West Java Youth Organization is ready to become the current locomotive to agent of change. Chairman of West Java Youth Organization, Subchan Daragana said that the Institute of Youth Organization was developed to change the community, namely Karang Taruna not just as a youth organization. "The first is the institutional problem, how the five thousand more villages in the 624 sub-districts we can equate the vision of its mission, so Karang Taruna is not only the youth organization but the same with them (youth) understand the youth as social organization," he explained. Subchan after the opening ceremony of West Java Karang Taruna 2017 Meeting. Furthermore, Subchan has hope that Youth Organization can become a center of change starting from the youth. The orientation of thinking West Java youth must be changed and made aware in the current era of competition is global, so it needs superior human potential and competitive, character, and innovation. Thus the young Indonesians have high competitiveness. "Facing demographic bonuses that are only three years away, this Youth Organization must be the center of the movement of change, so a big change should start from small steps, from ourselves, and from now on. Youth Organization as a locomotive is ready as a change agent for youths - West Java, "concluded Subchan. The Work Meeting of Karang Taruna West Java 2017 will be held from 30 October to 1 November 2017. This meeting is a follow up from Temu Karya Karang Taruna West Java which was held in April 2017 in Bandung City. This meeting is expected to give birth to new commitments and ideas of youth in West Java in order to arrange work program West Java Youth Organization for the next five years.

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