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    Working Group Journalist Competes Their Expertise in Soccer Field


    BANDUNG- Dozens of journalists from various media both print, electronic and online competes skill or kabisa in Lodaya football field Bandung, Monday (30/10). They are not playing games, but they are following the football invitation between Working Group journalist. Invitation of football between journalists held by Sports Journalist Section (Siwo) West Java PWI. "It's actually more to get in touch with each other, between senior and junior journalists, and now there are many new journalists while many senior journalists are still active," said Siwo PWI Chairman Irfan Suryadirja. According to Irfan the Working Group classification was deliberately chosen so that there was no media fanaticism, because the main purpose of the invitation is intimacy. "Working Group does not represent the name of the media, but it represents the coverage space. There is a common cover of the economy so-called economic working group, there are ordinary covering in the gedung sate called working group journalist of gedung sate, then there are police working group, prosecutors and others. different media, but joined in one working group, "he said. Football invitation between working group journalists held for a month, with the game schedule every Monday. Kick Off performed by Chairman of West Java PWI, Mirza Zulhadi. (Even)

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