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    West Java Provincial Government Socializes Early Detection of Cervical Cancer and Breast Cancer


    BANDUNG-Provincial Government (Pemprov) West Java is committed to continue to socialize early detection of cervical cancer and breast cancer. Given these two types of non-contagious diseases that threaten women's health.

    Chairman of PKK Team of West Java Province, Netty Prasetyani Heryawan explained that October is the month of early detection of cancer so what is the hope of first lady, Iriana Joko Widodo since 2015, then the team of PKK West Java including all components of the community are involved to actively socialize about the importance of early detection of cancer, especially cervical and breast cancer.

    "Given today that became one of the threat killer of women are cervical cancer and breast cancer," she told reporters at Gedung Sate Bandung, Monday (30/10/2017).

    Therefore, West Java provincial government is determined to improve the quality of women's health. Netty said one of the things that should be done in the field of health development is early detection of cervical and breast cancer.

    "Of course, early detection and examination activities must be conducted, including socialization to various places we continue to do, only today is the launching in West Java Province with the target of State Civil Servant (ASN) of women," Netty explained.

    Netty expressed female ASN in West Java provincial government is recorded and mobilized to want to do the examination by IVA method (Visual Inspection of Acetic Acid) which became one way to find out early detection of cervical cancer.

    In addition, held a talk show that can add knowledge and early detection of cervical cancer and breast that can be widely known by the public.

    The team of PKK West Java also expands the importance of immunization or HPP vaccine for adolescent girls so that it has been fortified early from the virus that kills most women through cervical cancer.

    "We also involve the Department of Education of West Java considering the early detection of cancer and breast can also be done by the students at all levels of education on the importance of maintaining reproductive health equipment," she concluded. (MAT)

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