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    Bio Farma, ASDP and KAI Hold Directors Teach


    BANDUNG-3 SOEs (Bio Farma, ASDP and KAI) held BUMN Teach in campus of University of Lampung on 28 October 2017 which was attended by about 1500 participants, this program is "SOEs Attend on campus" activity held by Ministry of SOE at 28 campus all over Indonesia simultaneously, within the framework of the Youth Pledge Day. Based on release of PT Bio Fema Public Relations in Bandung, attended as guest speaker, Juliman PLT President Director of Bio Farma, Faik Fahmi, President Director of ASDP, Rector of Lampung University Prof. Dr. Ir. Hasriadi Mat Akin, M.P. as well as Professor of Faculty of Economics, University of Lampung Dr. Hi. Satria Bangsawan, S. E., M.Si Juliman "welcomed the positive activities of SOEs Present this campus so that the strategic role of SOEs in the development and strengthening of the national economy can be known by people throughout Indonesia and especially in the city of Lampung". Faik Fahmi, President Director of ASDP added "BUMN activities are present in this campus to provide understanding to the academic community about the strategic role of SOEs in national economic development and bridge the synergy of SOEs with universities with human resources professionals". Juliman, President Director of Bio Farma, added that in this activity 3 SOEs provide assistance in the form of education fund to 9 final year students with total value of forty five Million Rupiah, and support student activities. To succeed the event, 3 SOEs are synergizing with BEM (Student Executive Board) of Lampung University for the implementation of the event both at ceremony and public lecture. (Even)

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