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    BNN Supports Cycling Action Former Drug Addict Bandung-Bali


    BANDUNG -National Narcotics Agency Province (BNNP) West Java support cycling action former drug addicts from Bandung to Bali. The action commemorates the Youth Pledge Day.

    Head of Rehabilitation West Java BNNP, Tri Wahyu Astuti said this action is a picture of how former drug users have a strong conviction to get out of the snare of drugs because to restore drug addicts is very difficult.

    "West Java BNN is very supportive Fauzan activities are cycling participant from Bandung to Bali. This is a tremendous spirit of a former drug addict," he told reporters in Bandung, Friday (27/10/2017)

    Bandung-Bali cycling action can also be used as a campaign of anti-drug harm to the community through which the route. Besides being able to dismiss the stigma negative to former drug addicts.

    "I hope that with this activity can spread information to the public that the stigma against drug addicts should have started to be reduced," said Tri

    Tri said the drug addicts can be regarded as sick people who need to be assisted by taking them to the rehabilitation.

    So far, government agencies have prepared 40 institutions including 45 community component organizations that serve as rehabilitation sites for drug abuses victims.

    "It is expected that families and addicts volunteer to come to the rehabilitation services themselves because the government has supported a very large budget for the prevention of drug dangers," he concluded. (MAT)

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