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    Formation and Paguyuban Pasundan Discuss Character of Sunda Leaders


    BANDUNG- The leader of West Java in the future, must have the soul of a fighter and dare to become the most advanced region in Indonesia. With these characters it is expected that leaders and also West Java can provide blessings for Indonesia.

    "Yes, the Governor of West Java in the future must have the character of a fighter who can bring West Java to a better direction," said Chairman of the Paguyuban Pasundan Society, Prof. Dr. Didi Turmudzi after a meeting with the Forum of West Java Islamic Organizations (Formation) in the Office of Paguyuban Pasundan, Sumatera Street, Bandung, Friday (27/10).

    In addition, the character that must be owned by the leader of West Java is willing to take risks and accept the risks of the policies that have been taken.

    "Fighters and willing to take risks, that's a character that must be owned by the governor so that West Java will be advanced," he said.

    In the assessment Didi, another character must be owned by the leader of West Java forward is willing to learn and master all disciplines, and other characters is to have a business soul.

    "The two things are also very important, the leader must master the science and also has a business spirit," he said.

    These criteria, summed up with nyakola, nyantri, and nyunda. These three things are discussed in the Formation.

    "The criteria are nyakola, nyantri, and nyunda," he explained.

    When touched on the figure of West Java governor who has the character of a fighter, diplomatically Didi answered many today.

    "And now there is a look and not seen," he said with a laugh.

    While the Head of West Java Formation, HM. Rizal Fadillah explained, in a meeting with Paguyuban Pasundan there is a meeting point.

    "Alhamdulillah there is already meeting point, especially in the criteria of the governor of West Java namely nyantri, nyunda, nyakola," he explained.

    Although not yet mentioned the name, but it will continue to deepen the meeting with Paguyuban Pasundan. Because Islam and Sunda like sugar and sweet so it can not be separated.

    "Speaking of Sundanese must speak of Islam because the majority of Sundanese people are Muslim," he said while adding, criteria nyantri, nyunda and nyakola are very must-have by leaders of West Java. (Even)

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