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    Five Innovations of West Java are Favored In Innovative Government Award 2017


    JAKARTA-Innovation relentless, to be the right sentence addressed to the Government of West Java Province, which is constantly innovating for the sake of West Java is advanced and prosperous for all.
    West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) mentions the foundation of the policy of innovation in the development of West Java. Where he divides innovation into three categories: Governance Innovation, Public Service Innovation, and Sectoral Product Innovation.

    Governance innovation, Aher said, is aimed at improving government performance, apparatus professionalism, and the expansion of public participation. While Public Service Innovation is designed to build a quality society and competitive. The Sector Product Innovation is designed to build a robust and equitable economy.
    In the framework of Innovative Government Award (IGA) 2017 organized by the Indonesian Ministry of Home Affairs R & D Agency, Governor Aher describes five innovations in West Java representing the three categories he has mentioned.
    First, in the category of Government Innovation, Application of Si-Dadali (Data Control Information System), became an innovation applied in the control of development implementation in West Java Provincial Government based on information system.
    It is an integrated application that produces 1 entry for 5 (five) outputs of monthly performance performance reports, quarterly evaluation reports, process monitoring reports and procurement progress, estimates / efficiency reports and SISMONTEPRA reports (Monitoring Information System in Evaluation and Supervision of Budget Realization ).
    "Application of effective, efficient, and accurate development reporting report automatically generate Evaluation and Estimation Events. And it is able to accurately and factually monitor the implementation of activities as well as 'early warning' to activities that have potential problems, "said Aher during the exposure to the jury Innovative Government Award 2017, at Acacia Hotel Jakarta, Thursday (26/10/2017).
    Si-Dadali application, according to Aher, can be used as a tool for the Regional Devices to conduct self-evaluation and self-assessment, which is very useful for evaluation in the progress of West Java Provincial Budget activities. In addition, this semi-online applications can be used as a guide tool for the Regional Devices to improve performance in the form of financial realization and physical achievements of West Java Provincial Budget and SISMONTEPRA reporting.
    Then, in the category of Public Service Innovation, the Governor offers e-samsat program (Electronic Single One Roof System), is electronic registration and identification service of motor vehicle, PKB payment, SWDKLLJ, and PNBP which can be done in all ATM of BJB Bank, BCA Bank, BRI Bank, BNI Bank, CIMB Niaga Bank and Permata Bank.
    "This application is able to break the bureaucratic chain by completing all samsat affairs in one electronic transaction (cashless). Uniquely, the ATM receipt as proof and as a document equalized with the Certificate of Motor Vehicle Tax Payments (TBPKB), "said Aher.
    The proud, Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) has facilitated the utilization of e-samsat application West Java as a reference for 17 Provinces in Indonesia. The 17 Provinces that signed the MOU on November 25, 2016 with the Government of West Java Province which facilitated by KPK RI to replicate the application of West Java e-Samsat among others; Bengkulu, Lampung, Riau, Aceh, North Sumatera, West Sumatera, Banten, Central Java, East Java, South Kalimantan, East Kalimantan, Central Sulawesi, South Sulawesi, East Nusa Tenggara, North Maluku, Papua and West Papua.
    "West Java Provincial Government grant the source of West Java e-samsat application program to 17 Provinces. West Java Provincial Government pioneered non-cash transactions, free bribes and queuing free, as well as ease of service and debirocratisation, "he said.
    Still in the category of Public Service, there is also West Java SIMPATIK, or information service system in licensing for the public, it is an application management services in licensing electronically based website developed independently by employees of internal CSA Office of Investment and Integrated Services One Door West Java Province.
    Through this application, people can check the list of types of permissions, terms, forms and duration of completion. People can also register permissions and complaints online with no face-to-face, no distance and time limits.
    Another advantage of this application is, the public can monitor the process of permission application submitted directly. The SIMPATIK application is not paid and can be replicated in the PMPTSP agencies both at the Provincial and Regency / City levels.

    "The application of SIMPATIK was developed by mapping the location data of licensing distribution in West Java," added Aher. 

    In the sectoral product category, it is offered the development of nirvana tilapia (wanayasa race) innovation. With genetic engineering through family selection and introgression methods, tilapia originally laying eggs <500 eggs and not resistant to Streptococcus bacteria, now nirvana races are able to lay eggs> 1,500 eggs / mains and resistant to Streptococcus bacteria. 

    "In other words egg production increased threefold, and body size four times larger," he said. 

    The advantage of this innovation is the spawning of fish that can be done 4-6 times per year, so (egg production 6x1500 = 9000 eggs). The larva has a size of 8-12 Cm, with a 40-60 Day Maintenance time, meaning half the maintenance time, shorter, and increased production. The time of enlargement is done with a time of 3 months, with the efficiency of feed 60-90%. 

    "It means genetic improvements that can improve the quality of fast-paced fish, spawn more, spawning frequency more often, resistant to Streptococcus bacteria, twice as short enlargement times," Aher said. 

    In addition, West Java provincial government also innovate in the field of socio-cutural, which simultaneously move on the field of environmental rescue program Ecovillage, or environmental culture village movement to realize West Java clean, healthy, beautiful, and sustainable. 

    The Ecovillage Activity focuses on changes in the behavior of all stakeholders and the involvement of various elements in the community from planning, problem identification, action planning to the continuous action movement. 

    "Ecovillage is a social engineering of cultural change," he explained. 

    Ecovillage communities are now spread in 277 villages, 48 sub-districts, and 13 districts / cities in West Java. A total of 20-25 people cadre spread in every village / urban village. In the first year, there are stages of reconstruction and facilitation, while exploring village potentials, and environmental assessment and mapping action plans. 

    In the following year, monthly assistance is provided to strengthen and improve the capacity, quality and quantity of environmental cadres. Now Ecovillage has produced 5,540 ecovillage cadres, 60 garbage bank units, ecovillage cadre craft, clean, pollution-free, and fish-intensive. 

    Meanwhile Acting Head of Indonesian Ministry of Home Affairs, Dodi Riyadmadji, said that the IGA 2017 is aimed at encouraging Local Government, Provincial Government and District / Municipal Government to carry out Regional Innovation continuously in order to advance the region and increase the independence and welfare of the community. 

    "The Regional Government is required to be more professional in managing all its resources, and able to accelerate in order to encourage the improvement of implementation in all aspects, through creative and innovative policies tailored to the characteristics, abilities and local wisdom in their respective regions, "said Dodi. 

    Dodi added that the IGA 2017 is also held to improve the supervision and participation of the community in every formulation of policies and programs implemented by Provincial and District / Municipal Governments, so as to be accepted (accepted) by society, appropriated and sustainable. 

    The awards will be given to local governments that innovate and creativity in the implementation of local government in a transparent and responsible in efforts to improve public services, increase development, community empowerment and regional competitiveness.

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