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    Aher: Santri (Student) and Ulama (Scholar) are The Biggest Shareholder of the Country


    BANDUNG-West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) said, santri (students) have tremendous strength. In its history, October 22, 1945 was the date when Kiyai Hashim Ash'ari announced his fatwa which was called the Resolution of Jihad. On that date, the struggle of santri in taking independence stands out.

    History is the background and become the spirit of National Day of Santri (HSN) commemorated since the issuance of Presidential Decree Number 22 Year 2015 on the determination of October 22 as National Day of Santri.

    This was expressed by Governor Aher at the commemoration of National Day of Santri (HSN) West Java Province level which was held in square of Masjid Raya Bandung West Java Province, Thursday (26/10/2017). Thousands of santri from various districts / cities in West Java gathered in the green field in front of the Great Mosque.

    Aher further reveals the Jihad Resolution which was born through the deliberations of hundreds of kiyai from different regions responding to the second Dutch aggression. The resolution contains a call that every Muslim must fight the invaders. The warriors who were killed in the battle against the invaders were considered martyrs, and those who defended the invaders were considered worthy of death.

    "Because if we look at the whole history of fighting for independence, the most heroic of defending independence, the most contributing, are santri and ulama in our country," Aher said.

    "So the biggest shareholder of this country are santri and ulama. Naturally after we are independent, santri and ulama should be the leading and dominant fill this independence," he added.

    So the santri must play a role in the progress of the nation's civilization intact. Because of the expected civilization of Indonesia is a success on physical progress as well as moral progress.

    Aher stated, to realize the progress of the whole civilization, need to be strengthened with the mastery of science and technology (Science and Technology) which is accompanied by faith and piety (IMTAK).

    "The scholarship derived from the holy book of the Qur'an and the sunna of the prophet contains a number of knowledge that the content of life values, so that humans are more focused on the world and the hereafter," he said.

    In the world of santri too, it has been accustomed to live in harmony in diversity. Aher pointed out, in a boarding school, santri are not only from the local area, but they are collected from various regions in Indonesia. With a variety of characters, they gather together religious knowledge in the frame of diversity. Besides, living peacefully with other people is a value that never forget to be implanted in the santri.

    "The colors of life are not a quality, but the quality of life is produced from the quality of self," he said.

    Meanwhile, Head of Regional Office of the Ministry of Religious Affairs of West Java, Akhmad Buchori, hopes the activities of HSN to be a sole charity. Because according to him, National Day of Santri is a historical evidence, evidence of the existence of ulama and santri recognized by the state, who participated in the process of independence of the Indonesian republic, also fill, even dabbled in various fields in it.

    With the existence of HSN, the existence of santri has a noble place and is recognized institutionally.

    "Our santri pride day together With the commemoration of the santri day, we need to remember the struggle of our scholars, our santri," he asserted.

    In West Java, said Ministry of Religion Region Office, boarding school is quite large in number, because of it boarding schools also play a role to shape the character of society. So in terms of maintaining NKRI no doubt.

    "Pesantren in this republic will be an inviolable pillar, defending the diversity of the Republic of Indonesia," he concluded.

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