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    Ministry of State Owned Enterprises Held Cervical Cancer Prevention Education


    JAKARTA - The Ministry of SOEs held a talk show with the theme "Sayangi Dirimu dan Keluargamu" (Love yourself and your family) at the office of the Ministry of SOEs, Jakarta, Thursday (26/10). The event, which was attended by state-owned public relations publications, employees of the Ministry of SOEs and journalists, is the result of synergy between the Ministry of State Owned Enterprises (BUMN), SOEs Public Relations Forum (FHBUMN) and Indonesia Prevent Cervical Cancer Coalition (KICKS) in support of cervical cancer prevention campaign.
    SOE Minister Rini M. Soemarno said the event was held in an effort to educate and socialize the prevention of cervical cancer that also supports cervical cancer prevention programs initiated by the Organization of Action Solidarity Work Cabinet Era (OASE).

    "This activity also coincides with the month of cancer which is a form of awareness of the Ministry of SOEs in supporting the government's Cancer Concern program," he continued.
    In the FHBUMN release, Special Staff III Minister of State Enterprises Devy Suradji added, the purpose of this talk show is to raise public awareness about cervical cancer cases that continue to increase in Indonesia. Therefore, he urged the public to immediately do early prevention to avoid the risk of cervical cancer or HPV virus, spread the information prevention of HPV through cervical cancer vaccine and other diseases caused by HPV, and invite the community to actively support coalition activities in pressing the number of cases cervical cancer in Indonesia.
    Dr. Totok Imam Soeparmo, SPOG from Hermina and RSPAD Hospital Doctors, as well as HOGI members, and the Cancer Information Support Center (CISC) as one of the speakers said that cervical cancer is one of the leading causes of death threatening women in Indonesia. (Even)

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