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    Rumah Zakat Provides Scholarship and Development in Pabedilan Kulon Village


    CIREBON REGENCY - Rumah Zakat holds guidance to the assisted children in Pabedilan Kulon Village, Pabedilan subdistrict, Cirebon Regency. The guidance activity is a series of Senyum Juara (Champion Smile) program initiated by Rumah Zakat which aims to empower the community in the field of education.

    A total of 16 children assisted by Rumah Zakat get a scholarship from the Champion Smile Program. The children are from middle to lower middle class family background. In addition to getting scholarships, the children get regular guidance from Rumah Zakat facilitators.

    The coaching material includes Tahidzul Quran, English Technical Guide, and Hadroh Art Advice. Besides being given guidance, the facilitator of Desa Berdaya Pabedilan Kulon also distributes scholarships for active children who follow the entire coaching agenda.

    Residents in Pabedilan Kulon Village, Pabedilan subdistrict, Cirebon Regency, especially the parents admitted very happy with the scholarship program provided by Rumah Zakat. Besides being materially assisted by getting scholarships, their children can get additional religious knowledge through coaching.

    "Alhamdulillah we thank God. We also thank the donors of Rumah Zakat who have provided scholarships and foster children in our village to be a better person again, "said one of the parents of students. (Even)

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