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    Prepaid SIM Registration Starting on October 31, 2017


    BANDUNG- From 31 October 2017, the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (Kemenkominfo) requires users of prepaid SIM cards by mobile operators to register using the Master Identification Number (NIK) and Family Card Number (KK).

    The data used in this registration will then be validated using the population database. Such programs include efforts to anticipate cyber crime. Ministry of Communications and Information Technology ensures the confidentiality of such data.

    Telecommunication Regulatory Committee - Indonesian Telecommunication Regulatory Body (KRT-BRTI), Agung Harsoyo expects that through this program, SIM card users will be more responsible. Mobile phones will be used for positive things.

    Chairman of Cyber Law Center Unpad Law Faculty, Dr. Sinta Dewi expects a guarantee of customer's privacy protection. Currently the Draft Law on Personal Data Protection is currently being created and it is expected to be coordinated within the program.

    The registration mechanism is the user just send a short message or SMS to service 4444 by entering the NIK listed on the ID card and KK number. For initial mobile card registration begins with NIK #KA # format, whereas for active SIM card, user just type in REAL # NIK # K # format. jo

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