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    Reminding the Head of Region, President: Do Not Play Money Especially Regional Budget


    JAKARTA-President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) confirmed to the regional heads to no longer play with money let alone related to regional budget. This was conveyed by the President when giving direction to the regional heads in the Government Working Meeting (RKP) held at the State Palace, Jakarta, Tuesday (24/10).

    "In connection with corruption, fear all of the Operation Capture Hand (OTT), yes do not take money, no need to fear if you do not do anything," said Jokowi.

    In the future the President will build a good system of e-planning, e-budgeting, and e-procurement to prevent acts of corruption. This system is believed President will reduce OTT even there will be no more head of area experiencing OTT. President Jokowi also reminded the regional head to be more cautious in budget management.

    "I can not say no to the KPK, I help only in this way, build this system, we build together," explained the President.

    In relation to the management of the state budget, the President reminded that the management of Regional Budget no longer uses the old pattern in which the budget is divided equally to the offices. The management of local budgets is still being driven by the Head of the Finance Service or Regional Finance Agency.

    "It should be the determining, I want the Governor, Regent, Mayor," said President Jokowi.

    The president admitted to want for example, the Governor, Regent or Mayor want to budget for the market. There are 20 markets or 10 markets in an area, so just ask. The task of the leader, continued the President, is how to lobby for the parliament to agree, in accordance with the will of governors, regents, and mayors.
    I ask for this market to finish in 2 years. Already, budgeted there, jegrek, must be finished and finished goods, ladies and gentlement all leave good legacy, said President Jokowi.

    Labor intensive

    On the occasion, President Jokowi also conveyed, to increase the purchasing power and consumption of the community for the region to reproduce projects, labor intensive programs that open up as many jobs as possible.

    Because of the surveys we see, the people are now the first such demand is employment. Please be accommodated in our regional budget. I also ordered the state budget for the same thing, the President said.

    According to the President, what is wanted now is 'cash for work', such as BLT, giving cash to the community , but the community must work.

    "If BLT is given but the community does not work. This is given to the community, the daily pay is better, maximum 1 week must be paid. Later consumption levels in the area, then the purchasing power in your area, Mam you will be seen if this is done, "said Head of State.

    In the future, according to the President, leaders, both central and local, are reformers, happy with the reforms, happy with the innovations. No routine. Make new breakthroughs that accelerate, make breakthroughs serving the community, the President added.

    The Government Working Meeting (RKP) of 2017 was attended by 576 Regional Heads, Governors, Regents and Mayors from all over Indonesia. On this occasion, the Heads of Regions listened briefly to the three Coordinating Ministers, namely the Coordinating Minister for Political and Security Affairs, the Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs, and the Coordinating Minister for PMK. 

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