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    False Swipe and Difficult to Top Up, Becoming the Most Problems of E-tol Implementation


    BANDUNG-Implementation of E-tol does not mean without problems in the field. However, PT Jasamarga Purbaleunyi Branch guarantees transaction by using E-toll can be done under 5 seconds even enough 2-3 seconds.

    But in the implementation, transactions often occur over 5 seconds. So often cause long congestion at the entrance toll gate or exit toll. as happened at the Cileunyi and Pasteur toll booths last weekend.

    "Usually when the tap is wrong, there is a swipe, something is turned back. Though close enough, and silent until the toll booth is open, "said GM Toll Purbaleunyi Reza Febriano, Tuesday (24/10). He added that the card reader has been fixed so that it can read the electronic card faster.

    Another thing that also inhibit is when will be used turns balance in electronic card less, so it must be refilled. This charging time makes the queue of vehicles getting longer.

    Then there are still drivers who insist on wanting to pay with cash and reluctant to buy cards. For motorists like this will be directed out of toll roads only.

    "We have asked the card issuing bank to facilitate the filling of the card," he said.

    Head of West Java BI Wiwiek Sisto Widayat added that it has asked the banks to help charging or top up electronic money card at toll booths. Even later there is a drive thru that can be used to fill the quota of electronic cards.

    "There are still obstacles to top up. Top Up is done electronically, but there are who want to fill by buying cash. This will be made easier in the future, "he said. jo

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