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    West Java is the Most Ready to Conduct Simultaneous Election 2018


    JAKARTA-West Java Province is considered as the most ready in the implementation of simultaneous elections in 2018, both in terms of funding, security and voter list by Director of Facilitation of Regional Head and Parliament Directorate General of Regional Autonomy of the Ministry of Home Affairs, Akmal Malik, Election 2018 together with the team in particular to the West Java Provincial Government, Friday (15/09/2017) ago.
    West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan in National Coordination Meeting Preparation of Simultaneous Regional Election (Pilkada) 2018 at Kartika Candra Hotel, General Gatot Subroto Street Jakarta on Monday (23/10/17) expressed his optimism that the 2018 election in West Java will run smoothly and safely from the start of preparation until the election of the winner of Regional Head Election.
    "We have experience that the elections in West Java are always safe, there has never been any unrest. This is a sign that the people of West Java in the context of democracy are mature, even if there is the most severe dispute settled in the Court, finished," said Aher.
    Related to electoral financing for both the City, the Regency and the Province, Aher said it was ready. Even if there is a lack of funds from the District or City, it will ask to revise the relevant budget.
    "The financing is ready, either from the Provincial or District and City, if there is one of the districts or municipalities, we will ask to revise the relevant budget because the most important thing is the smooth implementation and safe," he explained.
    Funds for local elections Governor / Vice Governor of West Java, West Java provincial government has budgeted as much as 1.6 trillion. The fund has included security funds that will be handed over to West Java Police, Metro Jaya Police, Kodam III Siliwangi and Kodam Jaya.
    Of the 1.6 trillion, the General Elections Commission (KPU) West Java get sharing funds of Rp 1.169 trillion, West Jawa Supervisory Election Agency Rp 322.6 billion, West Java Police Rp 174.5 billion, Metro Jaya Police Rp 22.15 billion, Kodam III Siliwangi Rp 26,372 Billion and Kodam Jaya Rp 2.89 Billion.
    Looking at previous elections the number of voters in West Java reached 63 percent. Aher is optimistic, this year the number will increase by continuing to intensify socialization to each region.
    "Hopefully we want to let even the beginner voters are educated we ask to use their rights properly, choose according to conscience, they are the gadget generation because it will approach the socialization of millennia approach also through information technology," said Aher.

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