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    Wiranto: Regional Election Becomes the Leader of the Nation


    JAKARTA - Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security Affairs (Menko Polhukam), Wiranto, in National Coordination Meeting (Rakornas) Preparation of Simultaneous Regional Elections (Pilkada) 2018 at Kartika Candra Hotel, General Gatot Subroto Street Jakarta, Monday (23/10/17), said that the event of regional election is an important and strategic momentum. The event of democracy through the direct election of the Head of Region can arouse our existence as a nation.

    Therefore, in the electoral process there is a mechanism that must be constantly updated. Wiranto said, regional election becomes the decisive leader of the nation, so the leader of election result must have quality or competence so that society or a nation can be victorious.

    "There must be a dynamic step that is not static, because we face (in Pilkada) is human, so the task we have to achieve is the task that must be coordinated, synchronized, dissimilar between the voting people, the leaders to be elected, and the political parties who actually have a tremendous job of recruiting, selecting candidates for leaders and then contested in the election, "said Wiranto in National Coordination Meeting (Rakornas) Preparation of Simultaneous Regional Elections 2018 at Kartika Candra Hotel, General Gatot Subroto Street Jakarta, Monday (23/10/17).

    "Political parties have certainly tried to showcase potential leaders with good competence, but we also know that political parties also have an obsession to win, and sometimes between the wishes of the political parties who want to win and the obligation to present leaders who have competence as leaders collide. Well, I can talk like that because I am a former political party leader.On the one hand, political parties have the obligation to select candidate leaders to be included in regional and national level matches, so the ultimate pole that determines the good of the leaders is the political party, "he explained.

    Furthermore, Wiranto said the next problem in the event of democracy is the source of the community itself. Quoting a statement from former Vice President Boediono, Wiranto said that healthy Democracy will run when the per capita income of the community has reached 6,600 US Dollars. This is because if people already have such a large income, the public will be politically literate and know about their rights and obligations in choosing leaders. Our current income is only 3,300 US dollars per capita, making it prone to money politics such as dawn attacks and dusk attacks.

    "Therefore, if we have faced like that then the only way is let us coordinate well There is openness between stakeholders in regional election must work together," said Wiranto.

    At the end of his direction, the Coordinating Minister for Politics and Security also mapped (maping) the vulnerability of problems in the elections. This problem existed before, during the regional election, and after the elections. Issues before and during elections such as unscrupulous security personnel, politicization and neutrality of CSA, neutrality of election organizers, money politics, Sara issues, false or hate speech campaigns, character assassinations, and voter list validity. These issues need to be anticipated and prevented in the framework of an honest, fair, free and secret elections.

    "After that, there are still disputes over the results of the elections in the Constitutional Court (MK), the dispute between candidate pairs, these are all issues that need our antenna to be resolved before and after the elections," said Wiranto.

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