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    Now Watch YouTube More Cost-Effective Quota


    BANDUNG-Once announced in August 2017, YouTube Go, the more cost-effective quota YouTube app is now available for download through the Play Store.

    Google Indonesia's Head of Consumer Marketing, Fibriyani Elastria said the YouTube Go is designed specifically for YouTube users with limited Internet and WiFi networks, equipped with unique features such as controlling the quota count and preview capabilities before watching the video intact

    Creator YouTube fans in Bandung and its environs can now enjoy their favorite creator viewing experience with YouTube Go, a more cost-effective quota YouTube app now available for download through the Play Store.

    "So the experience of spending time on YouTube is more fun," he told reporters in Bandung, Sunday (22/10/2017)

    YouTube Go is designed with attention to three key principles. this application offers transparency and use of control over data by giving the choice of amount of data used for streaming or storing video.

    The app is also designed to be the first offline app and improves the video viewing experience on the slower Internet network.

    "In addition, the YouTube Go app can be associated with updated and relevant video recommendations, tailored specifically to your preferences," says Fibriyani

    In addition, YouTube Go is launched to help more Indonesians succeed on YouTube.

    "We look forward to seeing more of Indonesia's unique content enjoyed by a global audience," said Fibriyani

    Some important features on YouTube Go include previewing videos before they are saved or watched, meaning that when you're thumbnailed it will give you a better idea of the video before deciding if you want to watch it.

    Fibriyani further added another feature is to select the resolution when saving or streaming video.

    "You can choose to save the video for offline viewing or streaming it now, and we also allow you to select the amount of data that will be used for the video," she concluded (MAT)

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