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    West Java Provincial Government Committed to Presenting FFB Every Year


    JAKARTA - West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan stated that the Bandung Film Festival (FFB) event is back in 30 years with uninterrupted one year and also broadcast live by SCTV private television.

    "Of course we are grateful FFB who has been 30 years is still ongoing and never interrupted, we are proud to all parties and also SCTV who broadcast FFB directly," he said.

    The Governor hopes, FFB becomes a festival that continues to give awards for filmmakers to continue to work and live with the support of FFB in accordance with the tagline "Berjaya Selamanya".

    "Hopefully FFB will be a festival that continues to give awards and movie people continue to work with quality films," said the Governor, "after attending FFB 2017 at Studio 6 Emtek City SCTV, Daan Mogot Street, Jakarta, Sunday (22 / 10).

    The Governor stated, West Java Provincial Government will continue to commit to presenting FFB every year even though its place this year is not in Bandung or other area in West Java, but nuance of West Java still remain in the festival.
    "Technical affairs this year in Jakarta, but the nuances of Bandung and West Java still exist from the logo, singing, dance, really nuances West Java and Sundanese, so even though in Jakarta we feel like Sundanese and West Java, but next year in Bandung again or elsewhere in Jakarta, "he said. (Parno)

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