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    70 Percent of Graduates Absorbed the World of Work


    BANDUNG - The high competition in the world of work, making the campus should increase the capacity of both Human Resources (HR), especially lecturers and teaching system to the students, such as the University of Sangga Buana (USB) YPKP.

    Rector USB YPKP DR. Asep Effendi said, the graduated of USB YPKP Graduation XII of the second wave has been absorbed by the world of work, and some have become entrepreneurs.

    "Almost 70% of them have been absorbed by the world of work distributed in job seaker and even some who have become entrepreneurs and this is fairly high," said Asep, in the meeting of journalists 'Graduation XII of the second wave and dies natalis XI Sangga Buana YPKP University', Thursday , (19/10).

    According to Asep, the study program that all graduates we distribute have been absorbed into the workforce, especially accounting that is more striking than other study program.

    "For accounting all have been absorbed, even many who ask to us, mostly for the companies," he said. (Parno)

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