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    E-money Users in Retail Less Than 1%


    GARUT- Communities today have started using non-cash transactions when shopping at retail stores such as debit or credit cards, but still not many who take advantage of e-money.

    Payment System Monitoring Team at Bank Indonesia West Java (Jabar), Hermawan Novianto said the government is targeting in the next 2024 non-cash transactions will reach 25% of total transactions taking place in Indonesia.

    "So later in the year 2024, cash transactions reduced, only 75 percent, the rest non-cash," he said in the training activities of economic journalist Bank Indonesia West Java in Garut, Friday (20/10).

    He mentioned specifically for the use of e-money is even very small. Currently, according to him only about 1% of transactions using e-money. However, until the end of this year e-money transactions will likely increase as the obligations of transactions with e-toll in all toll roads in Indonesia.

    To date, approximately 85% of transactions on toll roads already use e-money or e-toll. For West Java region itself, ie for the Purbaleunyi toll road, non-cash transactions have reached 77.5 percent.

    "This 24 October all toll at Purbaleunyi is 100% using non-cash," he concluded. Jo

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