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    Financial Services Industry Appealed Financial Services Industry Utilizing Recent Technology


    BANDUNG-Financial Services Industry (IJK) should start utilizing technology networks to compete in an increasingly fierce era in the financial business.
    This was said by Chairman of Financial Services Authority (OJK) of West Java Sarwono in the dialogue of Financial Services Industry Communication Forum (FKIJK) "Geliat Era Digital" and Change of Consumer Behavior at El Royal Hotel Merdeka Street Bandung, Thursday (19/10).
    "The digital era has entered all the lines including financial services. Financial Technology or fintech has started to take part in the financial services business, "he said.
    Sarwono said, if IJK does not take part of technology, then gradually financial services products will switch so that will lose the market. So it is expected that conventional IJK began to take advantage of this technological development.
    "Technology can not be dammed, digital economic revolution is in progress, must take part," he stressed.
    Moreover, the current consumption of consumers who want security, speed and convenience should be met by the financial services industry. The trick is to take advantage of technological developments.
    "People want to get financial services quickly, it can be from home, and of course security guaranteed," he said. jo

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