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    Ministry of Communications and Informatics Strengthen Implementation of Communications and Informatics Affairs in the Region


    BANDUNG-Directorate of Public Communication Ministry of Communication and Informatics (Kemenkominfo) Republic of Indonesia held Technical Guidance Activities Implementation of Government Affairs of Communication and Informatics (Kominfo). Technical Guidance, which focuses on the discussion of the Sub Division of Information and Public Communication, was held in Bandung on Thursday (19/10/2017), followed by 108 participants from Communications and Informatics Office Provincial and Regency / City Organization Section in West Java, Banten and DKI Jakarta.

    In the committee's report submitted by Head of Sub Directorate Public Communication Governance, Helmi Hafid, explained that as mandated in Article 16 paragraph 1 of Law No. 23 of 2014 on local government, Ministry of Communications and Informatics duty to organize government affairs in the field of communication and informatics have the obligation to do coaching and supervision of Communications and Informatics affairs in the regions.

    In accordance with its objectives, this technical guide provides the knowledge and technical capability to implement regulations and technical regulations, to the human resources (HR) field of public information and communication services, including public relations personnel. The development of information dissemination today requires human resources that can work quickly, precisely and accurately.

    "For that we are here, implementing technical guide in order to strengthen the implementation of Communications and Informatics field," according to Hafid.

    Meanwhile, in the next session, Acting Director of Public Communication, Sumiati explained that the current obligation to carry out Government Affairs Affairs of Communications and Informatics according to Law No. 23/2014 has been guarded by two government regulations and 4 regulations of the Minister of Home Affairs.

    "So we are here to provide the knowledge and technical capability to implement the regulations and technical regulations in the form of norms, standard procedures and criteria that already exist," he said.

    Affairs of Communications and Informatics are compulsory obligatory business which is obligatory to program, budgeted and done by the regional apparatus having duties and functions contained in local regulations and regulations of regional head. (Vit)

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