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    President: CSOs Regulation is Based on Study


    BANDUNG - President of the Republic of Indonesia, Joko Widodo denied that the issuance of Regulation No. 2/2017 on Community Organizations (CSOs) as a repressive form of government.

    According to the President, before the government issued SCos Regulation, first conducted studies by Minister of Coodinating Politics, Justice and Human Rights and collection of data, whether data in the form of video, books and writings.

    "From the results of collected data viewed from all angles of security, the angle of nationality and constitutional point of view. Conclusion at that time indeed needed a regulation because without that regulation what it will be, the handling is not the mass of organizations, the handling associated with the existence of that country become long-winded, "he said.

    In a meeting with the Chairman of the Center of Islamic Unity (Persis), Tuesday (17/10) night, the President said the CSOs regulation are very democratic, which after making the Perppu will still be advanced in the House of Representatives to decide whether agree or not the existence of CSOs regulation.

    "It may be canceled or rejected, it is also given the opportunity from the legal mechanism, please forward to the judicial review in the Constitutional Court. Mechanism is all there, if repressive" I want this, you do not want to keep it I am not like that ", the mechanism can all be taken, can be canceled in the House of Representatives, why not ?," he said. (Parno)

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