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    Muhammadiyah Continues to Improve Modern Islamic Education System


    GARUT- There are 1,094 students are in Darul Arqam Muhammadiyah Boarding School Garut regency. While Muhammadiyah has as many as 230 boarding schools throughout Indonesia. Chairman of Central Executives Muhammadiyah, Haidar Nasir revealed, that Muhammadiyah connecting the chain of the previous system of Islamic education in Indonesia which formerly strong base is the old boarding school.
    Then initiated by KH. Ahmad Dahlan on December 11, 1911, when it stood Madrasah Diniyah Al Islamiyah. But with the new format. On the one hand it absorbs the values of boarding school in the past strong in the basis of the religious sciences or Diniyah. However, according to KH. Ahmad Dahlan views not enough new currents of modernism in the early twentieth century.
    "It was initiated a modern Islamic education system that integrates the science of religion and general science in an integrated manner. Then not just theory but also inculcate expertise. And that is what became the forerunner of the Muhammadiyah educational system based on the modern system of continuation of the renewed past. The form are Islamic boarding school, School, Madrasah, and Boarding School. When combined, the forms of the school will become a large boarding school in Indonesia, "said Haidar.
    The momentum of National Coordination Meeting is expected to give strength for Muhammadiyah to work with all elements of the nation. Educate the life of the nation, including morals, and religious values. In addition, on this occasion also carried out the first stone laying of PKU Darul Arqam Muhammadiyah Hospital.

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