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    Jokowi Encourages Boarding School Strengthen Learners Of The Negative Influence Of Social Media


    GARUT- Indonesia is a country with the largest Muslim population in the world. According to BPS (2010) data, Muslim population in Indonesia reaches 207 million people. With a large Muslim population, as well as the role of Boarding School, President Jokowi expects Indonesia to dispel and anticipate any negative potentials, such as hoaxes, hate speech, and provocations.
    "Now there has been a transition of change. Economic landscape, social interaction, and global politics change. Why this change happened. Because our social communication patterns are changing. The presence of devices, smartphones that change the pattern of social interaction that exists, "said Jokowi in his speech at the opening of the 2nd National Coordination Meeting of Muhammadiyah Boarding School.
    Jokowi further said, such changes must be realized by the people of Indonesia. Includes social interaction in social media. The variety of information available in social media, whether negative or positive information must be aware of the community. That, said Jokowi can affect the current generation.
    "Who can filter (any information on social media or mainstream) today ?. Yes the character building of our students, the development of our children's character. With religious values, with the value of Indonesian characters, so they are not affected by the flow of information that will change the culture, behavior, character possessed by our nation, "said Jokowi.
    "This is not something that is easy to solve. All complain the same thing. Said one of the head of state told me that mainstream media can we mastered, but if social media can not we mastered. If no social media fortify, no one fence. Yes this is the function, the importance of Islamic boarding schools Muhammadiyah provide true understanding to the students, to the students, "he explained.

    After visiting the Darul Arqam Boarding School, on his working visit to this Garut regency, Jokowi also distributed as many as 5,500 land certificates at Kerkof Sports Field, Merdeka Street Garut regency, Tuesday afternoon (17/10/2017). Recipients of certificates come from Garut regency (2,500 certificate recipients), Sumedang (2,500), and Bandung Regency (500).

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