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    Governor Urges Community to Implement B2SA Consumption Pattern


    BANDUNG - West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan said that in maintaining health, people are encouraged to establish a diversified food consumption pattern, Nutritious, Balanced and Safe (B2SA).

    Heryawan explains the diverse foods that contain vitamins as well as proteins. These foods are often found in everyday life such as vegetables, fruits, fish, carbohydrates and others.

    "The variety of food does not have to be expensive, even in everyday life we can find it," said the Governor after joining the activity of Promotion and Signing of Commitment of Healthy Community Movement at El Royal Hotel Bandung, Wednesday (18/10/2017).

    Furthermore, said Heryawan nutritious and balanced food obtained by regulating the portion of food in accordance with a predetermined dose. While safe food is a clean food so it is worth to be consumed.

    "Food consumed must be cooked in a nutritious and balanced means do not mostly one type of food such as not to carbohydrates it too much, while food is safe that is clean food," explained Heryawan.

    Aher greeting Governor of West Java expects the future of food consumed by the community, in addition to safe and clean also free of residual elements and pesticides so as not to endanger health.

    "In the future we want the food we consume besides safe and clean free from residue and pesticide so as not to harm our body, even if there is the content, certainly not exceed the threshold that has been determined," said Aher

    In addition to maintaining the diet, the Governor also reminded people to always exercise regularly.

    "In maintaining the condition of the body requires regular movement, adequate and sufficient.If then the regular exercise plus healthy and nutritious food, God willing, physical health we will get by reproducing the devout zikir to Allah while the health of the mind by adding knowledge to our lives," said Aher

    Meanwhile, in addition to heredity, health services, diet and exercise, there are other factors that affect the health of the environment.

    Aher adds health that is influenced by heredity only reach 5% while health service reach 20% while 75% human health is influenced by environment.

    "The environment is affecting the health condition, so it is important to keep the environment clean by applying healthy living behavior," he concluded. (MAT)


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